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Creating Your Career in Business and Economics

Maria Valdivia Pellkofer 
Industry Specialist, Business 

(657) 278-2020 

Today's changing business environment is driven by innovation, technology, and ethical responsibilities. The goal to meet this challenge presents a wide range of exciting career opportunities for future business leaders. If you have already chosen to study business administration, know that the College of Business and Economics is preparing you for success with an excellent foundation of fundamental business knowledge. If you are not a business major, remember that many business employers focus on cross- disciplinary work and are more concerned with your overall skill set and attitude than your academic major. It is important to build your abilities through other activities like internships, student and professional clubs and associations, and community service. After all, employers want to see a comprehensive education that includes practical experience in leadership, critical thinking, strategic planning, and presentation. Having a second or even third language is also an asset in the age of globalization and changing workforce demographics. By expanding your learning outside of the classroom you will become a more effective business professional and candidate for career advancement.

General Business Functions

  • Accounting
    • Auditing
    • Budget Analysis
    • Financial Accounting and Reporting
    • Management Accounting
    • Tax
    • Treasury/Cash Management
  • Management
    • Consulting
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Human Resources
    • General Management
    • Operations/Production Management
    • Non-Profit
    • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing
    • Advertising/Promotion
    • Market Research
    • Product Management
    • Public Relations
    • Retail
    • Physical Distribution
    • Professional Selling/Sales Management
  • Finance
    • Commercial/Investment Banking
    • Corporate Finance
    • Financial Planning
    • Hedge Funds
    • Insurance/Risk Management
    • Money Management
    • Private Equity
    • Real Estate
  • Information Systems
    • Computer Programming
    • Consulting
    • Database Administration
    • Information Security
    • Network Technology
    • Systems Development
    • Web/E-Commerce

Job Opportunities

By now, you may have viewed career listings posted on the Titan Connection jobs database. In your search, you probably notice jobs with titles such as "Account Executive," "Marketing Assistant," "Account Manager," "Management Trainee," "District Manager" and "Business Development Manager." When you read the job description, you realize that the responsibilities require selling skills and techniques. The fact is that selling a service or product is changing in a more competitive marketplace. The best sales people look beyond the "quick sale" and excel in developing partnerships with customers and product knowledge. In reality, you practice the sales process on a daily basis.

Think about this...

  • Creating a polished résumé is a tool to sell yourself.
  • Preparing for a job interview - You are selling yourself to the employer.
  • Developing a new product line - You are selling the need for this product.
  • Participating in any leadership role - You are selling your personality.
  • Working in an office job - You are selling the need for your employment.
  • Networking among professionals - You are selling your service to others.

While productivity is a key component of sales, all jobs measure performance. Chances are that if you are motivated and results-oriented, your hard work will pay off. By rethinking your "ideal job," you may discover a satisfying business career with outstanding earning potential and opportunities in sales.

Wealth of Opportunities

Did you know that the majority of the employers who post job listings and participate in the Internship and Job Fairs and Campus Interview Program are seeking business majors? It is one of the hottest and most in-demand majors. From Asia to North America, organizations are willing to pay graduates to make smart business decisions that have far reaching effects. But how do you implement a job search that is meaningful and result driven? The first step is to take advantage of the wealth of resources the Career Center and Mihaylo Career Services offer. We can help you connect with outstanding opportunities for internships, part-time and full-time positions.

But not all businesses are looking for just business majors. They are open to all majors and consider the unique experiences you have to offer. That is why you need to jumpstart your business career by developing transferable skills that prepare you for a wide range of occupations. With the help of the Career Counselors, staff and programs you can choose a job field and employer in business that appreciates the benefits of your education.