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Creating Your Career in Government/Public Service

Careers in government and public service are available in all local, state and federal levels. The services provided by individuals working in this capacity are absolutely vital to serve the community, be that at a local, state, national or international level. Public servants work diligently on the toughest problems that are facing our world by providing necessary human services, or ensuring quality education and healthcare for children living in poverty. A career in public service may also offer opportunities such as redeveloping urban areas that have lost an economic base in manufacturing, or supplying food, energy and/or clean water to growing populations in developing countries. A career in government and public service allows your "voice" to be heard and your career to have a strong and lasting impact on your community. Individuals employed as public servants can have highly productive careers and contribute directly to the public good.

Are you interested in effecting change on a local level? Consider a career with your local (county or city) government. If you want your reach to extend a bit further look at opportunities within state government. Keep in mind that as the job market continues to face significant challenges at the state and local levels many are finding opportunities (and job security) in the federal government.

Why Federal Employment?

You probably know something about jobs in the private and nonprofit sectors, but did you know that:

  • The Nation's Largest Employer is Hiring! 31% of the federal workforce will be eligible for retirement by 2017. An increase in demand for services and an aging workforce spells 'opportunity' for students and recent grads.
  • Federal Service IS Public Service! Looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of Americans and your community? Federal employees can make a positive difference in the lives of its citizens and play a vital role in addressing challenging and pressing national issues.
  • Federal Jobs Pay Better Than You Think! Low federal pay is a myth. Federal salaries are often competitive with the private sector.
  • The Federal Government can Help Pay for School! Federal agencies may help you pay back up to $10,000 per year of student loans, and some agencies will pick up the tab if you decide to pursue a graduate degree.
  • You can Develop a Unique Skill Set! The federal government offers cutting-edge training and professional development, from information technology to foreign language immersion.
  • There are Federal Jobs Around the Country... and Around the World! Nearly 85% of federal jobs are outside of the D.C area. Looking to go global? More than 48,000 federal employees work abroad.
  • The Federal Government Values Diversity! Federal agencies serve as a model to the private sector in achieving workforce diversity and actively encourage minorities and individuals with disabilities to consider government service through internships and fellowships.
  • There are Jobs for Every Interest and Major! Not a political science major? Not a problem. There are federal jobs suited to every interest and skill, from art history to zoology.
  • Federal Jobs Promote Great Work/Life Balance! Agencies offer flexible work schedules, world class benefits, job sharing, on-site child care and other incentives to facilitate a high quality of life.
  • You Can Make a Difference! The federal government is our most powerful agent in addressing national issues. There is no bigger stage for making an impact!

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On-line resources to get you started...

As the professional landscape in public service fuses networks and connections in Non-Government Organizations, education, and the for-profit sector (that work under contract to governments)  more and more career opportunities open for the newest generation of public servants...consider being a part!