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Creating Your Career in The Humanities & Social Sciences

Marisa Perez
Industry Specialist; Humanities, Social Sciences, and Government | (657) 278-5308


Sometimes mapping a career with a humanities and social science degree can be a challenge because it might seem that your degree does not prepare you for a narrowly defined profession. Try to develop a clear vision of what seems right for you, and ask yourself the following.

  • What career is a good fit with my interests and goals?
  • How can I find a job that matcheswhat I am passion about?
  • Where do I want to be in 5 years or 10 years?

Explore Careers

Exploring careers will help you identify options in different job functions and work environments. Begin your career exploration by considering the following:

  • Seek out specifics on occupations, industries, and their occupational outlook.
  • Utilize the numerous Career Center resources, such as Ferguson's Career Guidance Database, Eureka Database, and the library resources.
  • Spend time on internet sites with career-related information.
  • Identify skills and experiences needed for your desired career.
  • Locate companies that interest you and are seeking people with your fundamental skills and attributes.

Expanding Career Options

If you want to expand your employment opportunities, consider the following;

  • Take supplemental courses that can help better define your skills/interests in functional areas like accounting, statistics, or computer information systems
  • Participate in internships, volunteer activities, and part-time jobs that strengthen your skills and experience
  • Join co-curricular activities relevant to your career that complement your academic studies
  • Begin molding yourself for an industry in which you are interested

Some links to get you started:

Humanitarian Work/International Development



Green and Sustainable

  Public Service

 Living/Working Abroad

NACElink- you MUST log onto your student/alumni portal and select 'Jobs and Internships' on the Titan Connection then 'NACE link'.

  Higher Education

  Other great resources



Interviewing With a Humanities and Social Science Degree

During an interview, you should focus on the skills and experiences that make you the best candidate for the job. Your advantage is that you possess the strengths that meet the needs of employers in a variety of job markets. Focus on what makes your program unique;

  • Tell employers how you can think analytically and express yourself articulately.
  • Sell yourself as someone who understands human behavior, culture, history, and science.
  • Communicate the qualitative value of your curriculum.
  • Convey your ability to adapt and accept change.
  • Be prepared to give employers specific examples of how your knowledge relates to the workplace and what you can bring to the job.