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Diversity, in all it’s forms, is a fact of life in today’s workplace and throughout the communities where we live and work. Those who embrace diversity, function effectively in diverse teams, and serve diverse customers bring a competitive advantage to the employers who are fortunate enough to hire them.

Cal State Fullerton is one of the most diverse campuses in the United States, and employers tell us that our graduates, whatever their race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, age or sexual preference, are known to be especially experienced and skilled in this area. Since diversity is multi-dimensional by nature, one does not need to claim membership in a particular diverse group in order to have the skills to be effective in a diverse environment. Extensive cultural or life experience associated with a particular diverse classification can be particularly valuable in an organization that is focused on serving that community.

Consider the following examples that might be incorporated in a resume or job interview that are related to diversity:

  • Understanding of a particular population(s) that will enable an organization to be more effective and successful
  • Bilingual language ability or abilities that can be applied and utilized
  • Cultural sensitivity that can help an organization be more flexible, diplomatic, and open-minded
  • Cultural experiences and opportunities gained in the U.S. or abroad that can be applied to an organization
  • An "insiders perspective" that can be instrumental for an organization

Think about how your life experience has helped you develop universally valued abilities. Adapting to another culture forces you to be flexible, strong, and tenacious. Embracing change builds character and self-reliance. These qualities have helped you succeed and are the ones you will bring to the workplace. In the end, it is all about who you are, how you work, and how you fit into the company’s environment.

Characteristics of Employers that Embrace Diversity

  • Overall support for all diverse populations
  • Located in geographical diverse areas
  • Clients from diverse populations
  • Leadership values diversity
  • Mission statement, website, and/or other public source of information clearly defines and supports their diversity perspective on their established mentoring, internship, hiring, and leadership development programs

Employers that Support Diversity

Finding an employer that supports the diversity you bring to the workplace is integral to your success. Researching an organization's policies and past activities provides a good overview of their value of diversity.

When Choosing an Employer, Consider the Following:

  • A clearly stated and well publicized nondiscrimination policy
  • Company-wide diversity training
  • An equitable benefits program
  • Employee resource groups (a.k.a. affinity groups) in your particular area(s) of interest
  • Diverse leadership

Diversity Websites

Seek out websites focused on diversity that provide information and resources. Look for industry or professional association web sites.

Career Center's recommended list of Diversity Resources.