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Suggestions for International Students

International students bring a unique lense to the job market that many employers actively seek, however, an international job search still presents challenges that require navigation, this can add to the complexity of finding work opportunities in the United States. A few suggestions to keep in mind as you begin your search:

  • Attend International Education and Exchange (IEE) workshops on how to use CPT (curricular practical training) and OPT (optional practical training). Understand the length of time required to process CPT and OPT applications, and plan your job search accordingly.
  • Attend Career Center workshops, such as resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and first impressions (offered every semester).
  • Attend the joint Career Center and IEE workshop on Job Search Strategies and Tips for International Students (offered annually).
  • Obtain U.S. work experience through on-campus jobs.
  • Complete your Titan Connection profile identifying your work authorization to receive information on special events and job announcements.
  • Find job opportunities for international students on the Titan Connection jobs database by going to the 'Advanced Search' tab and selecting your work authorization.
  • Practice communication and leadership skills through active participation in student clubs, The Student Leadership Institute,Toastmasters, and InterviewStream (our web-based interview practice program available online at
  • Network and meet professionals who work in your areas of interest through professional organizations outside of campus. Developing a profile on LinkedIn is also a great way to begin to deveop your network in your area of interest.
  • Understand that job search and hiring practices in the U.S. may differ vastly from your home country. Consult a Career Counselor in the Career Center if you have questions.
  • Take charge of your career and use all resources available to you...Good luck!