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Acceptance Letters

An offer extended in writing will require you to respond. It is a courtesy to let the prospective employer know your final decision in writing. Do not accept an offer unless you are certain it is what you want. To initially accept an offer and later decline reflects badly on you. The basic components of an acceptance letter include the following.

  • Your understanding of the terms of employment and any other arrangements (i.e., relocation, expenses, incentive plans, etc.). These should have been included in your written offer.
  • A thank you for the offer.

An acceptance letter may be structured as follows:

  • Paragraph 1 (Enthusiastic Yes) — Let them know you are happy and are accepting the offer. Be sure to include the title of the position.
  • Paragraph 2 (Terms of Agreement) — Clarify the terms as you negotiated and understand them to be (i.e. salary, start date, benefits, etc.).
  • Paragraph 3 (Thank you) — Thank the employer for the opportunity. Reiterate your enthusiasm for beginning your new position.