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Job Search Check List

Now that your résumé is ready to be sent out, how do you get it into the hands of potential employers? An aggressive job search will keep you very busy reading, writing, researching, questioning, making site visits, placing phone calls, consulting on your career wardrobe, and practicing for your interviews. Use the following checklist to stay in control of your job search.

1. Get Organized

  • Create a tracking system for managing your job search. (See sample job search check list grid/timeline below.)

Sample Job Search Check List Grid/Timeline





Résumé Sent



Pending Action

Sage Corp,

Nancy Smith

Business Analysts





a) Review Company's info
b) Review client prospects


Sid Davis

Accounting Intern





a) Company research

Market Enterprises,

Jerri Kim

Technical Writer





a)  Interview selections

2. Target Employers Based On What You Want

  • Develop a career statement that integrates your goals, skills, education, and preparation — what you can do and what you want to do for an employer.
  • Make a list of what matters to you — what business enterprises or social issues are exciting or important to you? What personal talents or interests do you want to involve in your work life? Where would you like to make a contribution to the economy or to the world?
  • Make a list of your marketable skills. Include areas of experience, training, knowledge, education, and achievement.
  • Make an analysis of your work style. Will you do your best work in a large, structured organization or will you find your best fit in a small, enterprising company? Are you task oriented? People oriented? Action oriented? Analytical? Creative? Adventurous? Look for employers who do what you aspire to do, and who may have an opening for someone with your skill sets.

3. Creativity Equals Success in Your Job Search

  • Make a comprehensive list of different venues that you plan to use for your job search, remembering that 80 percent of jobs are never advertised. Consider a list of "Networking Prospects."
  • Current career literature suggests that the average American will conduct seven major job searches during his/her career. You get to be your own boss during the job search, so create a work pace and work environment that will bring out your best creativity and productivity.

4. Get Ready To Interview

  • Develop a list of obvious interview questions, and start practicing.
  • Prepare a 60-second "elevator pitch" that condenses your career goals and potential in a few words.
  • Make a list of the key points you want an employer to know about you and enthusiastically integrate these points in your interview responses.
  • Research typical interview questions for your target position.
  • Rehearse possible answers with friends, schedule a mock interview with the Career Center, or utilize InterviewStream, the online interview practice software. (Instructions for using the InterviewStream system are available at

5. Share Your Success

  • During every phase of your job search, remember that the Career Center is a resource and a partner to help you achieve success. When your efforts are rewarded with a satisfying job offer, please share your success story via email, phone, or in person!