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Is a Small Company Right For You?

Decisions, decisions! Along with deciding what field to enter, you also will be considering the size of the company in which you want to work.

Every large company was once a small company. Depending on your long-term goals and the work environment you enjoy, a small company (generally a business with 200 or fewer employees) might be right for you.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering a job in a smaller company:

  • You are starting your career, not just finding a job. It is difficult to think long-term when you are just starting out. It is wise to consider how this first job positions you for your next job, especially if you are thinking about working for a small company.
  • Research the reputation of the companies you are considering, where they rank in their market, who their clients are, and their patterns of growth. Some small companies, despite their size, are on the cutting edge of their industries.
  • Who is the president of the company and what is his/her reputation and background? The company leader can be instrumental in driving the growth and setting the culture of their organization.
  • How many people does the company employ? Size is relative, and there is a vast range of small to mid-sized companies driving job creation in Southern California.
  • What is the company's organizational style and work environment, and do they fit your style?

In a large company...

  • You might find there are more opportunities for social interactions
  • The reputation of the company may help you with your next career move
  • You may enjoy more formal training and a structured career path
  • You might have more opportunities to move among various divisions without leaving the company
  • You might have opportunities to relocate to other parts of the country

In a small company...

  • You are more likely to enjoy access to top management
  • You have opportunities for direct involvement in the day-to-day business
  • The environment is typically much less bureaucratic, and decisions are made more quickly
  • Salaries and bonuses may be more flexible
  • You will not need to relocate in order to advance

Consider working for a smaller company if...

  • You like fast-paced dynamic atmospheres along with a close-knit family atmosphere.
  • You are self motivated, and would like to learn about all of the aspects of running a company.
  • You would like to work in an environment with less hierarchy.
  • You like access to top management and recognition for your accomplishments.

If these ideas are appealing to you, then a small company might be the right place for you!