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What is a Mock Interview?

Mock interviews are conducted by Career Center counselors to simulate as much as possible the conditions of an actual employer interview. During or after the mock interview, the career counselor will provide the student with coaching and feedback. Each student will receive a CD of his or her mock interview to review.

Student Responsibilities

  1. No later than one business day before the mock interview, we request that the student emails a resume and job description that they want to practice for to the Career Center or email it to their mock interviewer.
  2. Students should prepare for the mock interview (2-4 hours) and arrive 10-15 minutes early. See below for details.
  3. At the mock interview, students should be dressed in interview attire and bring a resume, portfolio with notepad/pen for notes.

Prepare for a Mock Interview

Students should prepare for their mock interviews as they would prepare for a real interview, about two to four hours. See the Career Center Job Search Guide and read "Competencies for a Successful Interview and Frequently Asked Interview Questions." Job Search Guides are available at the Career Center (LH 208) or at

Call the Career Center to Schedule a Mock Interview

Phone: (657) 278-3121 - Appointments are made on a first come, first serve basis. No same day appointments will be accepted.

Cancellation Policy

Please call the Career Center at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule appointments.

Below are additional interview preparation tips:
Before The Interview:
  • Have correct directions and plan accordingly for traffic and parking time
  • Always know ahead of time who will be conducting the interview
  • Ask ahead of time what type of interview format will be used (individual, panel, lunch, etc.)
  • Research the company, the position, and the industry (minimum two hours)
  • Memorize resumé
  • Make sure interview clothes fit well and are clean and pressed
  • Practice. Schedule a mock interview with the Career Center to help you prepare
Day Of The Interview:
  • Dress to impress
  • Always arrive 15 minutes early
  • Be nice and courteous to everyone
  • Bring extra copies of resumé and a list of references in a portfolio with notepad and pen
During the Interview:
  • Have a firm handshake
  • Always remember to smile and show enthusiasm
  • Consistently make good eye contact with all interviewers
  • Be prepared with a 60 second commercial
  • Limit responses to no more than 2-3 minutes per question
  • Know strengths and weaknesses
  • Be prepared to identify specific skills as they relate to the job
  • Be prepared to answer questions about work style
  • Provide examples that illustrate or demonstrate a specific skill or function
  • Be ready to handle situational/behavioral questions utilizing the STAR (situation, task, action, result) approach
  • Always ask informative questions at the end of the interview
  • Ask about the next steps in the interview process
  • Remember to shake everyone's hand and thank them
After the Interview:
  • Send a thank you letter to all interviewers
  • Follow-Up with the employer
Dress Accordingly:
  • No excess jewelry
  • Neatly styled hair
  • No excess makeup
  • No excessive perfume
  • Dress shirt
  • Jacket
  • Long skirt
  • Neat, trimmed nails
  • Small portfolio
  • Skin-toned nylons
  • Close-toed shoes
  • No spike heels
  • Clean-cut hairstyle
  • Clean shaven face
  • No excessive cologne
  • Deodorant
  • Dark colored suit
  • Collared dress shirt
  • Subdued tie
  • No excess jewelry
  • Small portfolio
  • Dress slacks
  • Black dress shoes & socks
  • Belt, shoes and socks should match
The qualities many interviewers value in a candidate include:
  • Being well prepared for the interview
  • Showing enthusiasm and expressing a willingness to work and learn on the job
  • Honest, genuine answer to questions during the interview, rather than overconfident or arrogant attitudes
  • Knowledge of the firm/organization and of the industry
  • High energy level
  • The ability to deal with other workers
  • The ability to accept criticism and grow and learn from errors Interview Checklist - Questions to ask yourself if the interview went well.
  • Did you arrive on time or a few minutes early?
  • Were you appropriately dressed?
  • Did you smile and greet the interviewer by name?
  • Were you able to mention your skills and strong points?
  • Did you show interest in working for the company?
  • Did you answer most questions thoughtfully and completely instead of with "yes" or "no" responses?
  • Did you stay on track and not ramble on about unrelated issues?
  • Did you ask the interviewer all you needed to know about the job?
  • Did you come prepared with reasons why you want to work for the company, reasons why the employer should hire you, and questions that indicated a genuine interest in learning more about the firm?
  • Do you know what the next step is?