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Skills for Success
Skills Employers Look for & How to Develop them
A recent survey of Cal State Fullerton alumni summarized the following skills as critical in securing a professional job after graduation and achieving success in you first career:

Written & Verbal Communication
The ability to speak, read and write ideas clearly and effectively in English

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
The ability to identify the relevant information and experiences needed to make decisions and solve problems: to be organized, persistent and focused in thinking, inquiry and communication.

The ability to shape individual and group behavior to accomplish goals, including relating well with colleagues, inspiring others, resolving conflicts and demonstrating diplomacy.

The ability to work cooperatively with others and contribute to a group’s success with ideas, suggestions and effort.

The ability to appropriately apply technology and effectively use hardware, software and the Internet to accomplish specific job-related tasks.

Resources for Success
There are hundreds of ways to build your skills while you are a Cal State Fullerton student, and we recommend that you take advantage of as many of the following resources that you can
to build your own tailor made portfolio of Skills for Success.

Cash Course

These skills were uniformly cited by alumni of all ages, across all careers and from all the majors offered by Cal State Fullerton. While a college degree is required to enter into most professions, it is necessary to demonstrate these transferable skills in order to put your Cal State Fullerton degree to work.

Cal State Fullerton students encounter many opportunities to develop these key skills both inside and outside of the classroom. Your investment in a high-quality undergraduate education can enhance your ability to compete as a professional if you incorporate an intentional plan to acquire and build upon these five critical skills.

This brochure is designed to provide a starting point for identifying and incorporating a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular experiences as part of your undergraduate experience.