Social Media for Job Search

More people are hired by referrals than all Internet sources combined. Social networking tools are an excellent way to begin your networking.

Additionally, recruiters are increasingly using social media to identify and engage potential candidates for their opportunities. Tools like LinkedIn and Portfolium can help get you noticed, and you want to utilize them well to make a good impression.

Social Media Etiquette

Tips for a Positive Social Media Footprint:

  1. Never post anything that you might find embarrassing later.
    • Would you want your grandparents to see this?
  2. Be careful what you post…others will judge you based on your online content.
    • Grammar and spelling counts, even if you are talking with your friends.
  3. Update Privacy Settings and check it out once a month.
  1. Update your preferences so people cannot tag you without your permission.
  2. Allow everyone to view your work & education.
  3. DO NOT disclose personal information.
  4. Do not post things to bully or insult anyone.
  5. Once online, it is almost always impossible to remove.