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Welcome to the Part Time jobs and Internship section of the CSUF Career Center website. Looking for a part time job or internship can be a positive experience and hopefully will provide you skills that you can use when looking for employment in the future. Whether you are looking for a part time job or an internship, the process is very similar; here are some tips to keep in mind.

Before you start any job search you should have a well written resume. Get your resume ready by looking at the resume samples in the Career Center’s Job Search Guide and create your own resume. Take your resume to the Career Center for review by one of the counselors, we will provide you with feedback and answer any questions you may have. Having a resume ready will enable you to submit your resume quickly to any job or internship you are interested in.

Part Time Jobs

The type of part time job you are looking for can vary depending on your individual circumstances. Part time jobs can be found either on campus or off campus and are available in a variety of industries. Part time jobs can do much more that just provide you with income while attending school, the right part time job can provide you with valuable experience, help build your resume, and give you transferable skills that can be utilized in your future jobs.

The best place to look for part time jobs is on Titan Connection. For a listing of jobs available log into your student portal, click on the “Career Center” link, click on “Jobs & Internships”, and conduct a search for either “part time”, “student assistant”, or “federal work study” opportunities.


Internships allow you to gain valuable career related work experience, explore areas of interest, network, and be more competitive when looking for employment upon graduation. Employers are interested in your education, but they also want to see strong applicable work experience. The way to demonstrate you have the experience they are looking for is through the completion of one or more internships.

The best place to look for Internship opportunities is on Titan Connection. For a listing of internships available log into your student portal, click on the “Career Center” link, click on “Jobs & Internships”, and conduct a search for either “internships” or “academic internship”.

Note: Positions posted as "Academic Internship" may require you to be enrolled in a course. Please contact the Center for Internships & Community Engagement for more information.

The Career Center hosts two events that you should attend if you are looking for an internship:

  • Internship and Job Fair - Fall and Spring
  • The Internship Event - Spring

Be prepared, research the companies attending these events, decide what companies you are interested in, dress appropriately, and bring several copies of your resume.

Assistance Related to Your Field of Study or Major

Find the Career Specialist that most closely matches your field of study or major at this link.

General Assistance

If you need assistance with any aspect of this service, please contact the career center at

Good Luck with your job / internship search!