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Read the Fall Edition of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Newsletter, Periodic News!
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July 6:  Summer Session B begins

August 6:  Summer Session B ends

August 17:  Academic year begins

August 21:  First day of classes for fall term

September 6:  Labor Day - CAMPUS CLOSED

November 11: Veterans Day - CAMPUS CLOSED

November 22-28:  Fall Recess

December 10:  Last Day of Classes

January 3:  Grades Due for Fall 2021 term

Alumni Spotlight

Damaris Chavez
Damaris Chavez

My name is Damaris Chavez. I graduated from CSUF with a BS Chemistry degree in 2019. Since graduating, I started working as an Air Quality Inspector at South Coast Air Quality Management District. My position consists of visiting various types of facilities and making sure they are in compliance with air quality regulations. Having spent 3 years conducting research in the Hudson labOpens in new window and learning an extensive amount of atmospheric chemistry, I knew I wanted to work for a company that aspires to help make a difference in the environment and South Coast AQMD does that. Our mission is to clean the air for the health and safety of the public even if it means regulating emissions one facility at a time. I hope to one day work in the laboratory within South Coast AQMD, but am grateful to kick start my career as an inspector.  I would not be where I am today without the guidance of the professors at CSUF.

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Alumni Spotlight

Aida DadashzadehAida Dadashzadeh

My name is Aida Dadashzadeh!  I graduated with a Biochemstry B.S. in December of 2018. Currently, I am in my third year of dental school at USC. During my time at CSUF, I was an active member of the Pre-dental society, I was in the honors program, and conducted research in Dr. Allyson Fry-Petit’s labOpens in new window . I miss studying late at night in the TSU, visiting Dr. FP in her office and talking about life, and the support all my professors gave me. Ask questions, come prepared, and treat every failure as a learning opportunity.