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Alex Ku winner of Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award

Alex Ku Recipient of CSUPERB Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award
Congratulations to graduate student Alex Ku for being selected as one of two recipients of the prestigious Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award!  He will be receiving the award in January at the 32nd Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium.  Alex is currently working on his MS thesis in the field of organic chemistry in the Salzameda lab, specifically synthesizing small molecule inhibitors for proteins related to human health and disease.



August 19:  Academic year begins 

August 24:  First day of classes for Fall 2019 semester

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October 14-November 8:  Academic Advisement - Please make an appointment to meet with your advisor and to map out your upcoming academic term plans.  If you fail to meet with an advisor, your advisement hold will only be removed two weeks prior to the start of the new semester.  

November 11:  Veteran's Day Holiday, Campus Closed

December 5:  Seminar Series -Mr. Edwin Aguilar, Graduate Student Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, CSU Fullerton.  Using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry to Study 4-(-D-Ribofuranosyl) Aminobenzene-5Phosphate (RFAP) Synthase: A Promiscuous Enzyme Invoved in Methanopterin Production, 4 pm, MH-468.  Refreshments available at 3:45 pm.  

November 26-December 1:  Fall Recess, Campus open 11/25-27, Campus Closed 11/28-29

December 13:  Last day of classes

December 14-20:  Final Examinations

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Jeffrey Pina
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Jeffrey Pina

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