Dr. Barbara Gonzalez

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Barbara Gonzalez

 Professor  Chemistry Education


Research Interests 

My research agenda in chemical education investigates the impact of visualization on conceptual understanding in chemistry along three pathways. One pathway investigates the impact of technological tools, a second pathway explores chemical literacy, and the third pathway applies my personal basic research agenda to the evaluation of the educational components of the projects of other scientists. The technological tools pathway incorporates studies in the effect of Web-delivered learning tools, computer-interfaced data collection devices, and Web-delivered tools for collection of chemical education research data. My chemical literacy studies explore how conceptual understanding is linked to formal logical reasoning; novice-expert problem solving patterns; and the developmental progression of fundamental chemical concepts such as density, physical change, chemical change, heat, temperature, energy, and the three-dimensional structure of atoms and molecules. As an evaluator I am often asked to assist scientists who do not have a background in chemical education to develop goals and objectives to evaluate the educational components of basic science research projects. I help them to plan and develop educational activities in conjunction with their grants. Scientific literacy is essential for the United States to maintain its technological advantage in a rapidly changing world. STEM persistence and the development of science identity are two important topics that are now an integral part of my research agenda as a result of my activity as an evaluator. Chemistry education research provides answers to fundamental questions about teaching and learning chemistry that can lead to improved pedagogy, curriculum and instructions that promotes the scientific chemical literacy of our nation.


Postdoctoral University of California, Los Angeles, CA
Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles, CA
M.Sc. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
B.Sc. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Publications

Loverude, M. E., Gonzalez, B. L. and Nanes, R. (2011), Inquiry-based course in physics and chemistry for preservice K-8 teachersOpens in new window . Physical Review Special Topics Physics Education Research, American Physical Society, 7(1), 1-18.

Gonzalez, B.L., Dorland, E., Heyden, R. and Radcliff, M. (2009A Prototype for Visualization of Molecular Geometry and Polarity with Embedded Dynamic Assessment.Opens in new window American Chemical Society Committee on Computer in Chemical Education.

Monteyne, K. Gonzalez, B. L. and Loverude, M.E. (2008An Interdisciplinary Investigation of Student Ability to Connect Particulate and Macroscopic Representations of a Gas.Opens in new window   Proceedings of the 2008 Physics Education Research Conference.  American Association of Physics Teachers Physics Education Research Group:  Rochester, NY.

Gonzalez, B.L., Wegner, P. A., Arasasingham, R.D., Martorell, I. (accepted).  A Cross-Institutional Analysis of the Effect of Web-Assisted Tools on Visualization and Logical Reasoning in Chemistry.  Journal of Science Education and Technology.

Pelaez, N., & Gonzalez, B.L. (2003). Sharing science: Characteristics of effective scientist-teacher interactions.Opens in new window Advances in physiology education. 26. 158-67. 10.1152/advan.00045.2002a. 

Yeend, R. E., Gonzalez, B. L, & Loverude, M.E.  (2001).  Student understanding of density:  A cross-age investigation.Opens in new window Proceedings of the 2001 Physics Education Research Conference.  American Association of Physics Teachers Physics Education Research Group:  Rochester, NY.  

Pelaez, N. J. & Gonzalez, B. L. (2002).  Sharing science:  Characteristics of effective scientist-teacher interactions. Advances in Physiological EducationOpens in new window , 26(3), 158-167.  http://advan.physiology.org/cgi/content/abstract/26/3/158

Gonzalez, B. L., Kouba, J., Yee, S., Reed*, C. A., Kirner, R. & Scheidt, R. W. (May 28, 1975).  Manganese (II) porphyrins.  Synthesis, structures, and preference for five-coordination.  Opens in new window Journal of American Chemical Society, 97(11), 3247-3249.


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