Undergraduate Research

 Undergraduate research is an important component of the undergraduate degree program in the department of chemistry and biochemistry.  

CHEM 495 Senior Research

Methods of chemical research through a research project under the supervision of a department faculty member.  

Faculty Research Interests

CHEM 499 Independent Study

Special topics in chemistry selected in consultation with the instructor and approval of department chair.  May be repeated for a maximum of 6 units. 


CHEM 472B Advances In Biotechnology Laboratory

Second semester exploring biotechnology techniques for gene product analysis:  DNA sequencing, site-directed mutagenesis, predicting amino acid changes, protein overproduction, enzyme function assays, protein identification/preparation by gel techniques, immunoblotting.  Prerequisites include BIOL 472A/CHEM 472A


CHEM 490 Internship in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Work on projects in industrial, governmental or medical laboratories.  May count as a career breadth requirement units for chemistry majors or substituted for CHEM 495 with permission.    

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CHEM 492 Sustainability Projects

Interdisciplinary teams work on real world problems related to sustainability on campus or in the community.  

2022-2023 General facts

  • 377 chemistry or Biochemistry majors enrolled in research units (CHEM295,395 or 495) 
  • 22 faculty authored manuscripts published with student co-authors 
  • Faculty submitted external grant applications that totaled over $9 million 
  • 17 students traveled to scientific conferences to present their research this Spring 23