Dr. Michael Groves

Office: MH-582G
Phone: (657) 278-7018

Email: mgroves@fullerton.edu

ORCiD number: 0000-0002-1369-4596

Lab: MH-534
Phone: (657) 278-3011

Michael Groves

Associate Professor Physical and Theoretical Chemistry


Research Interests 

In the Groves Research Group we are working on understanding heterogeneous catalytic processes and developing the tools necessary to quickly and accurately predict them. We are a computational/theoretical group who collaborates with experimentalists to move forward our understanding of physical systems.  Our current projects include:

  1. Using Machine Learning to develop global optimization search schemes to predict the structure of new materials and catalysts
  2. Using 2-dimensional materials like graphene and borophene to catalyze they synthesis of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and phenol
  3. Predicting the electronic and structural properties of ultrawide bandgap semiconductors like diamond for usage in high-powered electronics (in collaboration with Dr. Mahesh Neupane at the Army Research Lab)
  4. Determining how we break symmetry and synthesize specific chiral enantiomers with heterogenous catalysts for pharmaceutical synthesis (in collaboration with Prof. Peter McBreen at Laval University, QC, Canada)
  5. Selectively breaking C-C bonds electrochemically on Pd/Pd-Alloy nanoparticles (in collaboration with Dr. Haan at CSUF)
  6. Understand the change in the conceptual and affective domains of learning in Physical Chemistry courses with the addition of flipped classroom instruction, course-based undergraduate research experiences (CURE), and service-learning (SL) (in collaboration with Dr. Villafañe at CSUF)

I am always looking for new students.  No previous computational experience is required to join my group.  Several of these projects are externally funded and I can offer financial support for undergraduate students and MS Chemistry students at CSUF.  


Ph.D. Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, ON
M.S. Queen's University, Kingston, ON
B.S. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Selected Publications

A full list of publications is available on: Google ScholarOpens in new window and ORCiD  Opens in new window

Gonzalez, M.; Groves, M.N. A Systematic Search for the Adsorption Motif of All Stereoisomers of Propylene Glycol on a Palladium (111) Surface for Fuel Cell Applications.Opens in new window Langmuir 2022

Zeng, Y.; Dong, Y.; Zhang, X.; Yin, X.; Tuai, T.; Groves, M.N.; McBreen, P.H. Intermediates and Bimolecular Structures Formed through Thermal and Tip-Induced Partial Dehydrogenation of 2, 2, 2-Trifluoro-1-phenylethanol on Pt (111)Opens in new window . The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2022, 126 (46), 19667-19675

Dong, Y.; Lemay, J.-C.; Zeng, Y.; Groves, M.N.; McBreen, P.H. Substrate Tumbling in a Chemisorbed Diastereomeric α‐Ketoester/1‐(1‐Naphthyl)ethylamine ComplexOpens in new window . Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2022-09-29

Zeng, Y.; Lemay, J.-C.; Dong, Y.; Garcia, J.; Groves, M.N.; McBreen, P.H.  Ligand-Assisted Carbonyl Bond Activation in Single Diastereomeric Complexes on Platinum.Opens in new window   ACS Catalysis  2022, 12, 19, 12186–12194

Sedki, M; Mirabedini P.S.; Nakama, K.; Stephens, G. Groves, M.N.; Lee, I.; Neupane, M.R.; Mulchandani, A. Synthesis of Pristine Graphene-Like Behaving rGO Thin Film: Insights into What Really MattersOpens in new window . Carbon 2022, 186, 437-451


Courses Taught

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