Degree Programs


The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers an outstanding educational environment for undergraduate and graduate students. We offer undergraduate degree programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as minors in Chemistry. Our graduate degree program is an M.S. in Chemistry. Our faculty are dedicated to providing our students with excellent classroom and laboratory instruction, with hands on experience using modern instrumentation. In addition, our students have the opportunity to participate in research under the direct supervision of faculty members who are experts in their field. A strong education gives you the knowledge and skills to succeed whatever your educational goals are.

The Department's degree programs are designed to prepare students for a variety of positions, such as a research scientist in a government, industrial or academic lab; a teacher, patent lawyer, physician, forensic scientist, pharmacist, hazardous materials manager, science writer, technical sales expert, to name a few. Many of our graduates use their degrees as preparation for graduate studies in chemistry or biochemistry. A chemistry and biochemistry degree also provides excellent preparation for medical, pharmacy, dental schools or a variety of other professional programs.

While in our programs, students will learn and obtain skills that every employer looks for in an ideal candidate. And these are skills that you can carry with you throughout your life. These skills include: the ability to communicate with a diverse group of people with clarity and logic, both verbally and written; the ability to handle information, organize it and maintain accurate records; the ability to plan, carry out, and explain scientific research, operate scientific instrumentation and to be able to work as part of a team.