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 California State University, Fullerton



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Start a New Club Sport


1. Your organization’s mission complies with the Club Sports program mission statement.

2. Your organization seeks to compete against other teams outside of Cal State Fullerton.

3. After being accepted as a Club Sport you will need the following:

a. 10 active roster members. See Membership Procedures.

b. Join a competitive league or governing body for your activity.


1. Meet with the Club Sports staff

a. This meeting can be scheduled by contacting Student Life and Leadership at (657) 278-3211.

2. Receive official university club recognition.

a. This official recognition must be obtained by completing the Student Life and Leadership club online recognition process.

b. b. To assist with completing the online recognition process, please refer to the recognition application checklist on the following link

3. Apply to be voted into the Sports Club Inter Club Council (SCICC).

a. See SCICC Admittance Procedures.