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 California State University, Fullerton



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Club Positions


  • Coordinating team meetings.
  • Ensuring adherence to all regulations outlined in the Club Sports manual.
  • Ensuring that all required paperwork is filled out completely and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Assisting the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget and coordinating fundraising efforts.
  • Responsible for ensuring team compliance with rules and deadlines set forth by the governing organization.
  • Oversees and coordinates all club officer positions.
  • Monitors the record keeping process of all annual documentation.
  • Requirements: - Signor on documents


  • Assisting the President in club operational roles.
  • Attend club meetings.
  • Serves as secondary contact for club sport.
  • Works w/ Treasurer to coordinate expenses and fundraising collection efforts.
  • Ensuring club transition is taking place throughout the academic year.
  • Requirements: - BLUEPRINT CERTIFIED


  • Coordinating and implementing fundraising efforts as well as taking the necessary steps to gain approval for fundraising projects.
  • Budget development and management.
  • Adjust team budget with day to day income expenses changes.
  • Ensures all funds collected are deposited in ASI account.
  • Works with all officers to coordinate expenses.
  • Collects Dues.
  • Manages and collects all receipts for fund reimbursements.
  • Submits check requests.
  • Requirements:
    • Signor on all monetary documents
  • Documents annual budget

Event Coordinator/ Safety Officer

  • Assuring all proper documents are turned in and getting all trips approved by the administrative staff.
  • Responsible for checking out/in of travel first aid kits.
  • Making sure all drivers have gone through the defensive driving course and have been approved by the University Police and Club Sports staff.
  • Providing information in detail about each individual trip and trip leaders to maintain a clear path of communication with all parties.
  • Keeping all records and travel information on file (i.e. Travel manifest, insurance, drivers license, emergency contacts).

SC-ICC Representative

  • Required to attend all Sports Club Inter Club Council Meetings unless excused by an executive board member/club sports administrator.
  • Relay all club updates and training resources back to their respective clubs and officers. Take notes on all notes during the council meetings.
  • If you are unable to attend for any reason; it is your responsibility to have a replacement in attendance for you.
  • Represent clubs interest during SC-ICC meeting effectively.


  • Records team and board meeting minutes.
  • Takes attendance at team and board meetings.
  • Can be responsible for all incoming/outgoing communication with the team:
    • Email questions
    • Flyers
    • Information to players (game changes, practice info, travel questions, etc.