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Club Sports Try-Out Waiver

In order to participate in a Club Sports team practice, every participant must either be ACTIVE on the official team roster or must have completed a Temporary Try-Out Waiver.  Each participant is allowed to try-out for a team for two practices and may not participate in any competitions until one is ACTIVE on the official roster. For more information about joining a team and becoming ACTIVE on the roster go to the Membership Procedures page.

To obtain and complete a try-out waiver

  • Obtain a tryout waiver form from the Club Sport Team of interest.
  • Try-out waiver forms are located in our Forms section

Reasons to complete a try-out waiver

  • You have never played a sport before and want to try it before you commit to joining the team.
  • You are interested in several different sports clubs and are not sure which you would like to join.
  • You were invited to practice and are interested in joining the team, but need more information.