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November 2005
CMS Project Watch

Feature Stories

Employee Attendance System: New Name, Look and Location

In 2004, Payroll Services began transitioning all employees to the Employee Attendance System (EAS) which provided employees, timekeepers and managers online access to leave balances and attendance history. This project was completed in January 2005.

On December 1, 2005 all employees will be able to view their leave balances through CMS LAPP (Leave Accounting and Positive Pay). Employees will access LAPP using Employee Self Service pages. Timekeepers and managers will have access to reports in addition to an attendance roster that provides usage, history, and balances for their employees. (All will be available through the university’s portal.)

Figure 1.1 shows a view of the revised Employee Self Service page. Employees who are eligible for leave benefits will have access to “My Leave Information”. These benefits include sick and vacation leave, compensatory time off, CSUEU additional days off, excess time (for employees on irregular schedules), personal holiday, and holiday credit.

Figure 1.1
figure 1.1

What is Leave Accounting and Positive Pay? LAPP will initially be used to calculate accrued time and to track earned leave for every employee who is eligible to earn sick and vacation leave, compensatory time off, CSUEU additional days off, excess time (for employees on irregular schedules), personal holiday, and holiday credit. Later functionality will be added to track positive pay (e.g. overtime and shift differential), and un-earned leave usage (e.g. Jury Duty).

Through Employee Self Service, employees will be able to view their individual leave balances (Figure 1.2) and 12 months of their leave history by selecting the “History” hyperlink (Figure 1.3).

Figure 1.2
figure 1.2

Figure 1.3
figure 1.3

Two reports and one roster have been developed for timekeepers and managers: Attendance Certification Report, Attendance Verification Report, and Leave Accounting Department Roster (Figure 1.4). These will help timekeepers reconcile leave balances before and after time has been reported to Payroll Services. Balances will include the most current accruals, and will also include retroactive adjustments that have been received by Payroll Services after the close of the period.

Figure 1.4
figure 1.4

HR-Finance-Student Updates


  • Effective October 1st, Chris Manriquez was appointed Interim CMS Project Director.
  • Update Sessions for Human Resources, Finance and Student Administration were conducted on September 21st during Technology Week. Approximately 45 attendees were present at each session.
  • CMS Status Update presented at FDC Department Chairs luncheon on October 25th.
  • Recruitment in-process for CMS Document / Trainer, CMS Communication Specialist and CMS Programmer / Analyst.

Human Resource

  • Pilot departments entered student time (September pay period) directly into CMS via Rapid Time Entry.
  • The Student Worker Hiring process was enhanced by additional functionality through Pilot Release 2:
    • Data Integrity: verifying CWID and SSN
    • 1150 Instructional Student Assistants: Hiring and Changes
    • Multiple Appointment Processing
    • Re-appointment of Students to another term
    • Student Job Roster including additional employment status
    • Rapid Time Entry
  • 2005 Calendar Year Post implementation roll-out schedule:
    • Student Worker Pilot Release 3 (10/31)
      • Financial Aid, Facilities Management and Athletics are included as pilot departments.
      • Increased functionality of HR system includes processing of work study students.
    • Leave Accounting Campus Release (11/21)
      • Employees will be able to view their leave balances via CMS Self Service.
    • Part Time Faculty Campus Release (12/05)
      • All Spring Semester contracts to be processed by departments through CMS.


  • AP Business Analyst, Shelly Montoya, started on September 12th and Finance Business Analyst, Allyson Bates, started on November 7th. Recruitment for other Business Analysts is in-process.
  • CMS Finance project structure finalized and includes three user work teams:
    • Chart of Accounts / General Ledger / Budget
    • Contracts & Procurement / Shipping & Receiving / Accounts Payable
    • Distributed Reports
  • Divisional Support Groups have been established to ensure campus-wide involvement. The groups are being led by the respective Divisional Budget Manager with support from the CMS Project Team. Divisional involvement includes: identifying issues with existing Finance system, process map and fit / gap review, acceptance testing and training. Initial Divisional Support Group meetings have been conducted and included a general presentation on CMS baseline, finance modules, divisional structure and divisional involvement in CMS.
  • The Finance training, process map and fit/gap sessions originally scheduled for September and October will be rescheduled.
    • The new schedule will minimize impact on the division of Administration and Finance organization by allowing sufficient time for key team members (Business Analysts and operational staff backfill) to be on-campus.


  • The CMS Student Administration team is an official tenant of University Plaza. 
  • Summer 2008 Implementation timeline approved by campus: SA Management Team 9/5/05, Steering Committee 9/13/05, PAB 9/19/05, Council of Deans 9/20/05, and Academic Senate Executive Committee 9/26/05.
  • Recommendation to implement CMS Academic Advising rather than to upgrade the current DARS system made by SA Management team on 9/26/05 and CMS Steering Committee on 10/18/05.
  • A Videoconference with CSU-San Jose was held on November 11th. CMS Steering Committee, SA Management team and other key individuals were invited. Videotapes of the conference are available for borrowing by request to the Project Office at Agenda for the videoconference included:
    • 9am - 10am    General and Extended Education
    • 10am - 11am  Admissions
    • 11am - noon   Academic Advisement
    • Noon - 1pm     Break
    • 1pm - 2pm      Course Catalog/Class Schedule/Records/Registration
    • 2pm - 3pm      Student Financials
    • 3pm - 4pm      Financial Aid
  • Fact gathering and initial planning continues for SA implementation.
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