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February 2006
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Training and Support

CMS Training for distributed functionality to the campus began in December and will finish the end of February.

  • Part-Time Faculty (PTF) training began on December 19 and will conclude on February 24. Almost 70% of employees required to have this access completed their training and are using CMS to hire part-time lecturers, graduate assistants and teaching associates.
  • Student Worker (SW) training began January 18 and will conclude on February 27. Approximately 43% of the employees who will receive this access have already attended.

Access to either of these functionalities will not be granted until the required course(s) have been completed.

  • An optional class, Roster, CWID Search and Query (RCQ) is offered to employees that have access to PTF and/or SW. But, for employees who only have Roster, CWID Search and/or Query Access they are required to attend RCQ training before receiving CMS access.
  • Leave Accounting for Department Timekeeper training finished on January 5. Approximately 91% of all timekeepers on campus have been trained. Monthly training sessions will be offered for new timekeepers and for those that would like a refresher course. The next available class will be on February 24.

Almost 85% of all department chairs attended a special training session where they were trained on part-time faculty and student worker functionality.

All state-paid employees are able to view basic “Self Service” information of themselves through CMS. An overview of what is available through Self Service will be presented on Thursday, February 16, at 1:15 – 2:15 in PLN-130 during Campus Technology Week.

To register for any CMS class, sign on to your faculty/staff portal then click the “Training” tab. Next, under CMS heading, click “Register for Training”. Select “My Required Courses” tab where a list of all CMS classes that need to be taken are listed. Finally, click “Enroll” next to the class to find a date/time suitable to you.

Universal Support for CMS will be handled through the Help Desk at extension 7777. If the Help Desk Representative cannot answer your question, a ticket will be created and electronically sent to the appropriate specialist.

The Help Desk received over 1300 calls during the month of November. Over 70% of those calls were resolved in less than 8 hours. The Titan Help Desk staff supports over 250 application programs throughout the campus, including Blackberry, Blackboard, Internet Access, Windows OS, SIS+, Portal, MS software application programs (Excel, Word, Publisher, etc), Safari, Firefox, Outlook, Informed Filler and that is just a small list. Our staff has been trained on CMS issues and will go the extra mile to ensure that you get the support you need to perform your duties.

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