Welcome to the CWID web site. This site has been posted to provide members of the Cal State Fullerton community with information about the Campus-Wide ID.

Additional Questions?

Contact Admissions & Records at (657) 278-7601

Who has a CWID?

The campus provides each member of the campus community (students, faculty, staff,and alumni) with a unique ID number.

What is the format of the campus-wide-ID number (CWID)?

The campus-wide-ID number (CWID) is a 9-digit number beginning with "8".

Why does the campus still require me to provide my social security number?

There are still many processes including tax reporting that require the campus to know and store your social security number.

What credentials does a student use to access the Student Portal?

All new students are assigned a CWID and PIN which is used to log on to the Student Portal for the first time. After logging on, the new student is directed to the TITAN Portal Profile Update page to select a personalized username and password. Once this is done, the personalized username and password is used in place of the CWID and PIN for logging on to the Student Portal. The CWID is also used by the student when doing business with the campus.

Does my TitanCard contain my CWID or SSN?

It contains neither. Your TitanCard only contains a 16-digit ISO number.

How can a person find out the value of their own CWID?

The CWID LookupOpens in new window  page allows user to receive his CWID after supplying a SSN, last name, and birthdate.

Do class lists and grade rosters and other printed documents contain CWID?

Yes. The CWID will be printed on all lists and mailings to students unless the process specifically requires the use of SSN.

How do I protect the privacy of personal information?

It is important to shred all printed material that contains sensitive personal information as soon that printed document is no longer needed.

As an Alumni who attended before 2004, do I have a CWID?

Most alumni should have CWIDs.  If a CWID is not found when you use the CWID lookup on the right, please fill out the Alumni Information Form. Your information will be encrypted and sent to Alumni Records for research; you will be contacted within 10 business days.

Why do we use the CWID Environment?

The CWID environment was implemented in order to better protect the privacy and legal rights of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.