California State University, Fullerton

Campus-Wide ID Frequently Asked Questions: Students

Q: Why do I have a new ID number?
A: As a result of heightened awareness about identify theft, the California legislature has passed several new laws requiring that universities use an assigned ID number to identify students.

Q: What is the format of the new campus-wide-ID number (CWID)?
A: The new campus-wide-ID number (CWID) is a 9-digit number beginning with "8".

Q: Does the campus still require me to provide my social security number?
A: Yes. There are still many processes including financial aid and tax reporting that require the campus to know and store your social security number.

Q: What credentials do I use to access the Student Portal?
A: All new students are assigned a CWID and PIN which is used to log on to the Student Portal for the first time. After logging on, the new student is directed to the TITAN Portal Profile Update page to select a personalized username and password. Once this is done, the personalized username and password is used in place of the CWID and PIN for logging on to the Student Portal. The CWID is also needed when the student is doing business with the campus.

Q: How can I find out the value of my CWID?
A: The CWID Lookup page is where you can get your CWID when you supply your SSN and last name.

Q: Does my TitanCard contain my SSN or CWID?
A: It contains neither. Your TitanCard only contains a 16-digit ISO number.

Q: When I take tests in my classes, sometimes I am required to supply a special form to bubble-in my answers. That form requires me to enter my student ID number. Should I be entering in my CWID?
A: Yes.

Q: Who should I contact if I have more questions about my CWID?
A: Contact Admissions & Records at (657) 278-7601.