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CSUF is a home to the Offensive Security Society and ISACA; two very active professional student groups interested in learning about cybersecurity and pursuing careers in the field.  The center supports both groups and helps them organize security events, prepares for student competitions, and connects students with industry professionals. Below you will find a brief description and contact information for each group:


Offensive Security Society (OSS)

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Offensive Security Society (OSS) is formed by an ECS student group interested in learning about proactive approaches to cybersecurity security (i.e., staying on the offense).  The offensive approach emphasizes using proof-of-concept attacks against one's own systems and networks in order to uncover and fix vulnerabilities before attackers do. The group frequently holds security workshops, speaker events, and participates in cybersecurity competitions. In Spring 2015, OSS team has won the first place in the computer forensics category at    the Information Technology Competition at Cal Poly Pomona.  Prospective members should contact


Accounting Society Information Systems Audit and Control Association


The CSUF Mihaylo College of Business and Economics is a home to Information Systems Audit Control Association (ISACA) group; a CSUF student chapter of the international organization of business and cybersecurity professionals interested in systems auditing. The group regularly invites top-notch security professionals from industry who share their expertise with students and advise them on the career path. Prospective members should send email to the executive vice president at


Contact ISACA

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