Security Day 2015

Security Day 2015

November 13, 2015



The event was held at Holiday Inn and featured talks by security experts from the Los Angeles County Public Works, Raytheon, Cigital, and the Vice President of CSUF's IT Mr. Amir Dabirian, and a student speaker.


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Gallery of Security Day 2015

Khaled Tawfik

Khaled Tawfick & Eric Weber

Position: Chief of Information Techonlogy County of Los Angeles Public Works

Title: "Cyber Security - The Changing Landscape"

Power Point Presentation: "Cyber Security - The Changing Landscape"


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Reza Nikoopour

Reza Nikoopour

Position: Network Penetration Tester at Cigital

About Mr. Reza:

Mr. Reza Nikoopour graduated from the CSUF Computer Science program in 2015. During his time at CSUF he was an active OSS member and was committed to learning cybersecurity. Immediately after graduation, he joined Cigital Inc. where he now works as a network penetration tester. He is also currently employed in the CSUF Computer Science Department, where he teaches an Introduction to Computer Security course and plays an active role in the OSS activities.

Title: "Increasing Cloud Security with Static Analysis"




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Anthony Selim

Anthony Selim

Position: CISSP, P.E. at Raytheon Company

Title: "Building Secure Systems"

PDF Presentation: Building Secure SystemsPDF File





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Mourad Kourdab

Mourad Kourdab

Position: Vice President and Treasurer Offensive Security Society

Title: "Catalyzing and Cultivating Security"

PDF Presentation: Catalyzing and Cultivating SecurityPDF File


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Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith

Position: Student at California State University of Fullerton

Title: "Quality-Based Multimodal Biometric Authentication Systems for Consumer Mobile Devices"

PDF Presentation: Quality-Based Multimodal Biometric Authentication Systems for Consumer Mobile DevicesPDF File





Amir Dabirian

Amir Dabirian

Position: Vice President of Information Technology at California State University of Fullerton

Title: "State of Information Technology and Cyber Security Strategies"