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ECS Cybersecurity News 1/12/2018

Why It’s More Important Than Ever To Be Cybersecurity-Aware

Awareness is key to avoiding cyberattacks. Yet, many Americans still struggle with how to best protect their information online. Here’s what you should know.


ECS Cybersecurity News 11/8/2017

So You Want to Be a...Cybersecurity Expert

Information security is a white-hot career. Find out how campuses across the CSU are preparing students to fill these in-demand jobs. The Cybersecurity Center at Calstate University of Fullerton is among them.

Cybersecurity Careers

 ECS Cybersecurity News 11/4/2017

Biometrics technology raises privacy concerns, issues.
The Cybersecurity Center at CSUF is featured in CGTN Live with their own biometric technology that is 97% successful and it is only getting better.

Biometrics Careers


ECS Cybersecurity News 6/4/2017

Celebrating our Student's Accomplishments with a Picnic at the Park.

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ECS Cyber Picnic 2017

ECS Cybersecurity News 10/11/2017

Dr. Mikhail Gofman, CSUF Professor and Cybersecurity Expert, Interview about Identity Theft

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Dr. Mikhail Gofman interview about Identity Theft

ECS Cybersecurity News 7/25/2017

Dr. Mikhail Gofman, CSUF Professor and Multimodal Biometrics Expert, quoted on Nasdaq and TechCrunch

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Dr. Mikhail Gofman quoted on Nasdaq and TechCrunch

ECS Cybersecurity news 5/2/2017

Interview: Meet Jacob Biloki in our Biometrics Team

Interview with Jacob Biloki


ECS Cybersecurity news 5/19/2017

Students Partner With Boeing to Strengthen Computer Security

• Students Partner With Boeing to Strengthen Computer Security

Boeing reached out to CSUF's Center for Cybersecurity, housed in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, to leverage the creativity and expertise of the center's faculty members and students to develop novel ways of measuring the effectiveness of their security controls.