General Education Assessment

Led by the Senate GE Committee, the Office of Undergraduate Studies and General Education and the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness, CSUF has piloted and implemented a multi-year assessment plan for the General Education Program since the 2015-16 academic year. The intention is to assess GE as an integral program as opposed to assessing individual courses.  The assessment plan is guided by the CSUF General Education: Programmatic Student Learning Goals and Learning OutcomesPDF File Opens in new window , which were approved by the CSUF Academic Senate in spring 2015.

GE Faculty Learning Community: 2017-2018

The GE assessment effort is focused on   GE Learning GoalPDF File Opens in new window  4  in 2017-2018.  Using the same collaborative Faculty Learning Community approach as the previous year, this assessment effort engaged a small group of full-time and part-time faculty who taught a representative range of upper-level GE courses that have a focus on Teamwork.  A Teamwork rubric was developed by the faculty to evaluate their students’ ability to work as part of a team, and used by the students as an indirect self-assessment tool.  A summary of this assessment effort is disseminated to campus constituents (17-18 GE Teamwork Assessment SummaryPDF File Opens in new window ).   Details of the rubric and analysis results are available upon request.

GE Faculty Learning Community: 2016-2017

The GE assessment effort focused on GE Learning GoalPDF File Opens in new window  2 in 2016-2017.  Improved upon previous assessment approaches, this assessment effort brought together a community of faculty, who teach relevant GE courses, to align their assignments, scoring rubrics and assessment practices.  This “GE Faculty Learning Community” also served as the central voice to disseminate GE assessment findings and generate curricular and pedagogical recommendations on campus.  The Office of Assessment and Educational Effectiveness and the Office of Undergraduate Studies and General Education facilitated and coordinated this effort.   A Critical Thinking rubric was developed and applied by the faculty, details of which have been presented at the WSCUC ARC 2018 conferencePDF File Opens in new window .  The GE Faculty Learning Community was also featured by NILOA in July 2018 ( File Opens in new window ).

GE Assessment Pilot: 2015-2016

Students’ performance on GE Learning GoalPDF File Opens in new window  1 was assessed in 2015-2016 through a random selection of GE courses that address this learning goal.  Using embedded assignments, students demonstrated their mastery of the fundamental concepts, methods, and theories in various disciplines.  They also responded to a micro-survey that captured their perception of own learning.  Students overwhelmingly reported positive learning in these courses.

GE Pathways Program: 2014-2015

 The General Education Pathways Pilot Project 2014-2015Opens in new window collected preliminary data to examine GE Pathways students' written communication skills.  Using a pre/post design, and scored with the CSUF writing rubricPDF File Opens in new window , positive changes were observed in all aspects of student writing.  Details of the resultsPDF File Opens in new window  have been presented at the American Educational Research Association 2016 annual conference.