Data Governance

CSUF launched its first university Data Governance Guidelines and the accompanying centralized data request process in 2021. The Data Governance Guidelines also include guidelines and processes for survey coordination at the university level.  The increasing role of data in the university’s daily decision-making calls for a clear, consistent and coordinated approach campus-wide to protect the integrity, security, and proper use of university data.  The Data Governance Guidelines were developed by a workgroup that consisted of faculty, staff and administrators, incorporated feedback from multiple stakeholders, and approved by the Cabinet.  The guidelines and the data request process are applicable to all projects involving institutional data. 

Please review the Data Governance Guidelines, visit the survey coordination website, and follow the centralized data request process below for all institutional data or survey needs.  Please contact for questions.

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Centralized data request process

      • Data Steward centralized data request ServiceNow training guidePDF File Opens in new window
      • Data Steward centralized data request ServiceNow training video

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