College of Health and Human Development

Nursing BS

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Plans and/or provides patient-centered, empathic, and coordinated care that contributes to safe and high quality outcomes
  • Accesses, analyzes, and interprets information (theoretical, research, other) at the individual/family and community level to improve patient health outcomes
  • Uses a systematic approach to analyze real or potential problems for the purpose of developing, testing, and evaluating innovative solutions within a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Uses communication theories/techniques and demonstrates communication/collaboration with colleagues, transdisciplinary groups, including the use of informatics, to promote relationships with individuals/families and communities.
  • Engages in ethical reasoning and actions to promote advocacy, collaboration, social justice, and leadership as a healthcare professional
  • Demonstrates accountability for self and nursing practice including continuous engagement in life-long learning.
*Retrieved from AMS February 5, 2021. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the program.