College of Humanities and Social Sciences

BA Public Administration

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Define basic concepts and theories in public administration
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the role of personnel administration, and budgeting and finance in public policy making process
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the role of the administrative function in political systems and global community
  • Demonstrate knowledge of research concepts, computer application, and information management applied to public administration and policy analysis
  • Demonstrate skill in acquiring, analyzing, and assessing information in public organization
  • Apply public administration methods correctly and interpret findings from the methods appropriately
  • Demonstrate skills in thinking and writing clearly, critically and intelligently about public administration
  • Be provided with the opportunity through internships to experience public administration directly
  • Understanding the role of the public administration professional as participants in public policy making
*Retrieved from Compliance Assist January 2, 2019. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the program.