Mihaylo College of Business and Economics


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply analytical and quantitative techniques to analyze and interpret business data
  • a. Demonstrate proficiency in functional areas of the business disciplines. b.Ability to integrate knowledge of current business practices and managerial techniques to formulate strategic plans.
  • Understand the strategic implications and applications of technology within business.
  • Students will develop skills and behaviors to be more effective leaders
  • Work effectively in teams using collaborative techniques
  • a.Identify legal and ethical issues b.Analyze legal and ethical issues, and propose socially responsible solutions.
  • Explain implications for working effectively in a diverse environment.
  • a. Design and present information in an organized and logical manner b.Employ clear and concise written communication
*Retrieved from AMS January 14, 2020. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the program.