Mihaylo College of Business and Economics

MS Information Systems

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Selecting the appropriate language, write a computer program using the fundamental concepts of programming; document the program
  • Analyze the impact ethical, global, political, social, legal, regulatory, and environmental issues on an organization
  • Investigate basic principles of business information systems and the internet
  • Analyze the information systems needs of an organization and design a system to serve its needs
  • Design a database system to serve the needs of an organization; selecting appropriate software to operate a database system
  • Plan, analyze, and design an enterprise network collectively as a team
  • Conduct, evaluate, and synthesize research, applying theoretical ideas to practical settings
  • Present ideas in a logical framework using proper language structure and mechanics
  • Identify necessary requirements to support an organization's information technology needs
*Retrieved from Compliance Assist January 2, 2019. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the program.