College of Education

Educational Administration MS

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Candidates will analyze broad societal problems that insidiously or directly affect the lives of students, specifically those that have been historically marginalized, by critically examining a macro system problem that negatively affects students, families, and/or teachers and critically examining bias and privilege.  
  • Candidates will design and lead robust learning experiences for students, teachers, staff, and communities by assessing teaching and learning across multiple dimensions and domains, identifying language and literacy challenges and opportunities, and supporting access to high-quality curriculum, pedagogies, and practices to build empowered learning communities.
  • Candidates will examine, evaluate, and reflect on a cycle of inquiry/improvement cycle focused on disrupting oppressive educational practices and enacting meaningful organizational change that supports students and teachers.  Candidates will develop a written case study of the process with a literature background.
*Retrieved from AMS February 27, 2023. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the program.