College of Health and Human Development

Nursing Practice DNP

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Develops and evaluates practice approaches based upon theory as well as to integrate nursing science with ethics, biophysical sciences, & psychosocial sciences as the basis for nursing practice.
  • Selects, designs, or uses programs to evaluate and monitor patient care systems. Develops and executes  evaluation plans involving data extraction from practice information systems and databases.
  • Designs, delivers, and evaluates evidence-based care/therapeutic interventions to improve patient or population outcomes based upon advanced clinical judgment, systems thinking, and accountability.
  • Analyzes epidemiological, biostatistical, environmental, and other forms of data as well as evidence-based reports as they relate to the health of individuals and populations. Evaluates care delivery models/strategies using concepts related to community, environment, occupational health, and cultural and socioeconomic dimensions of health.
  • Appraises literature in order to implement best practices, apply relevant findings to develop practice guidelines, and disseminate findings from practice through scholarship.
  • Demonstrates leadership in policy development at multiple levels, educates others about nursing/health policy/patient care outcomes, and advocates within healthcare arenas for social justice/equity/ethical procedures.
  • Employs leadership & consultative skills with intraprofessional and interprofessional teams to create change in healthcare and healthcare delivery systems. Leads interprofessional teams in the analysis and evaluation of practice and organizational issues.
  • Develops and evaluates ways of managing ethical and organizational/system dilemmas in patient care and health care organizations emphasizing practice, ongoing improvement of health outcomes, and ensuring patient safety.


*Retrieved from AMS February 16, 2024. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the program.