College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Philosophy BA

Student Learning Outcomes

  • The student demonstrates thorough and competent understanding of original texts. The student uses sound arguments and strong reasoning to support assertions. The student makes careful selection and presentation of evidence and argument to support assertions, and (when applicable) includes carefully constructed refutations of the opposing view.
  • The student's paper has a clear thesis, which is well developed by means of good structure, succinct expression of ideas and a competent, fluent writing style. The language is clear and direct, avoiding vague or superfluous expressions that adversely affect its main purpose. The paper contains few grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Students shall be knowledgeable about specific periods of historical philosophy, specific major currents of the twentieth century philosophical investigation, and some specific methodologies employed by philosophers.
  • All students will be exposed to issues of culture, ethnicity, and gender.  They will be able to cultivate a global perspective. Students shall have the ability to examine and critically assess normative standards governing social relations, practices, and institutions, including a wide range of human activities dependent upon value judgments.


*Retrieved from AMS February 16, 2024. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the program.