College of Business and Economics

Economics BA

Student Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the economic problem of allocating limited resources among competing uses in an economy given a technological and institutional context.
  • To understand and use microeconomic concepts such as supply and demand, elasticity, costs, market structure, market imperfection, consumer and firm decision-making.
  • To understand and use macroeconomics concepts such as key measures and determinants of macroeconomic activity and growth, the interaction between goods, factors and financial markets, and monetary and fiscal policy.
  • To understand and use international economic concepts such as trade and exchange rates, and balance of payments.
  • To communicate coherently about economic issues and events.
  • To access, use and interpret economic literature and data.
  • To employ statistical methods for estimation and evaluation.
  • To apply various quantitative methods used in economic theory.
*Retrieved from AMS February 27, 2023. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the program.