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CSUF GI 2025 Progress

Curious about CSUF’s progress in meeting our GI 2025 goals?  GI 2025 is the CSU’s ambitious initiative to increase graduation rates, eliminate opportunity and achievement gaps in degree completion, and meet California’s workforce needs.  Please join us to learn more about the tools available to empower you in tracking how CSUF is doing in meeting our GI 2025 goals and how you can take advantage of them too!


1:30-2:30 pm

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Enrollment Dashboards 101 (Tableau and OBIEE)

Understanding enrollment data can sometimes seem overwhelming!  Ever wonder how our current enrollment is compared to prior terms; how many students are taking 15 units or more; or how many self-support students are enrolled in a given term, to name a few?  Please join us in an interactive session where we will dig into our Tableau and OBIEE enrollment dashboards and empower you on how you can infer meaning from them.



Monday Zoom Registration TBD

NSSE Dashboards

Interested in learning about how our freshmen and seniors spend their time and what they gain from attending college?  Specifically, how do they perceive various engagement indicators, high-impact practices, inclusiveness and engagement with diversity, civic engagement at CSUF?  Please join us to learn more about the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Dashboard and how you can interpret students’ responses to better understand participation in programs and activities that aid in their learning and personal development.



Monday Zoom Registration TBD

Student Success Dashboards (Tableau and OBIEE)

Student success is in our DNA at CSUF!  But how successful are our students, especially when we disaggregate by student populations and programs? This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to learn more about the many Student Success dashboards available at CSUF, how you can use them to gain insight into student success challenges, and how you can identify the next steps and actions.



Monday Zoom Registration TBD

Qualtrics Design 101

Qualtrics has a new user interface. Need help getting reacquainted or new to Qualtrics surveys? Then this is the workshop for you! Overview will cover configuring your survey (including using display and skip logic), options for distribututing your survey, downloading your data, and running basic reports. Please bring your survey questions and your curiosity and join us for a hands-on Qualtrics survey design workshop!  



Monday Zoom Registration TBD