2016-2017 Assessment Inquiry Grant

The Office of Assessment and Educational Effectiveness (OAEE) piloted the Assessment Inquiry Grant program, awarding $1,000 to departments that seek to go above-and-beyond their program-level assessment effort.  Building upon the foundation of existing student learning outcome assessment process, the grant encourages faculty and departments to explore questions that are critical in understanding how and why student learning progresses, as well as pinpointing how to improve teaching and learning practices.  In essence, the Assessment Inquiry Grant is designed to strengthen current assessment effort and to promote a scholarship of assessment.  Ultimately, the hope is that diving deeper into how students are learning will promote a culture of data driven processes to improve student success.

For 2016-2017, seven grants were awarded and featured by the CSUF News CenterOpens in new window .


2016-2017 Assessment Inquiry Grant Awards 

Program:  Geology, BS
Project Lead(s): Natalie Bursztyn, Geology
Project Title: Program SLOs from Freshmen to Seniors

Program:  Business Administration, BA
Project Lead(s): Sinjini Mitra, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Project Title: Studying and improving learning outcomes of an online Business Analytics course via statistical research methods

Program:  History, BA & MA
Project Lead(s):  Jessica Stern, History
Project Title: Random versus Linked Direct and Indirect Assessment

Program:  Art, BA
Project Lead(s): Sergio Lizarraga, Art
Project Title: Creating an Adaptive Assessment Form to Enhance Self‐Reflection and Curricular Analysis (Interactive PDF Survey Form)

Program:  Child and Adolescent Development, BA
Project Lead(s):  Ioakim Boutakidis, Child and Adolescent Studies; Claudia Pineda, Child and Adolescent Studies
Project Title: Determining the Academic and Curricular Components of Cultural Competency from the Student and Faculty Perspectives

Program:  Secondary Education, MS
Project Lead(s): Minerva Chavez, Secondary Education; Fernando Rodriguez-Valls, Secondary Education; Grace Cho, Secondary Education
Project Title: Assessing Teacher Candidates Ambition on Inclusive and Additive Education for English Learners

Program:  Civil and Environmental Engineering, BS
Project Lead(s):  Beena Ajmera, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Phoolendra Mishra, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Project Title: Identification of Problem Areas in the Civil and Environmental Curriculum Affecting Future Student Performance on Learning Outcomes