2018-2019 Assessment Inquiry Grant

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (OAIE) piloted the Assessment Inquiry Grant program in 2016-17, awarding $1,000 to departments that seek to go above-and-beyond their program-level assessment effort.  Building upon the foundation of existing student learning outcome assessment process, the grant encourages faculty and departments to explore questions that are critical in understanding how and why student learning progresses, as well as pinpointing how to improve teaching and learning practices.  In essence, the Assessment Inquiry Grant is designed to strengthen current assessment effort and to promote a scholarship of assessment.  Ultimately, the hope is that diving deeper into how students are learning will promote a culture of data driven processes to improve student success.

For 2018-2019, seven grants were awarded.


2018-2019 Assessment Inquiry Grant Awards 

Program Communicative Disorders, M.A.

Project Lead: Ying-Chiao Tsao, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Project Title: Incorporating Using “Signature Assignment and Portfolio” to assess Cultural/Linguistic Competence and Professional Ethics

Program Communication Studies, B.A.

Project Lead: Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, Human Communication Studies
Project Title: Incorporating SPSS Competency into Assessment using Pre and Post-Test Design

Program: Electrical Engineering, M.S.  

Project Lead: John Bedell, Electrical Engineering
Project Title: Assessment of Student Laboratory Learning in a Compressed Time Period

Program:  Business Administration, B.A.

Project Lead: Sinjini Mitra, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Project Title: Direct vs. Indirect Assessment – Match or Mismatch? How can the insights help in improving overall student learning outcomes?

Unit: Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance

Project Lead: Angela North, Administration and Finance
Project Title: Assessing the Student Assistant Experience in Administration and Finance

Program: Mathematics, B.A.  

Project Lead: Valerie Poyner, Mathematics
Project Title: Critical Thinking Assessment in Introductory Statistics Students

Program: Earth Science, B.A., Geology, B.S.  

Project Lead: Sinan Akciz, Geological Sciences
Project Title: Improving Spatial Thinking Skills of College Students Taking Physical Geology Lab Classes