2020-2021 Assessment Inquiry Grant

The Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (OAIE) piloted the Assessment Inquiry Grant program in 2016-17, awarding $1,000 to departments that seek to go above-and-beyond their program-level assessment effort.  Building upon the foundation of existing student learning outcome assessment process, the grant encourages faculty and departments to explore questions that are critical in understanding how and why student learning progresses, as well as pinpointing how to improve teaching and learning practices.  In essence, the Assessment Inquiry Grant is designed to strengthen current assessment effort and to promote a scholarship of assessment.  Ultimately, the hope is that diving deeper into how students are learning will promote a culture of data driven processes to improve student success.

For 2020-2021, five grants were awarded.

2020-2021 Assessment Inquiry Grant Awards 

Department:  Information Systems and Decision Science

Project Lead: Sinjini Mitra 
Project Title: Exploring the Role of Rubrics in Assessment of Student Learning – Research, Development, and Implementation PDF File

Departments: International Programs and Global Titans Center

Project Leads: Shari Merrill and Jack Hobson
Project Title: Assessing the Impact of Global Titans Ambassadors Program as a Quality Learning Experience in Global Engagement PDF File Opens in new window

Unit: University Library

Project Leads: Eric Karkhoff and Jonathan Cornforth
Project Title: The Impact of COVID-19 on Providing Online Only Library Research Appointments PDF File Opens in new window

Unit: Housing and Residential Engagement

Project Leads: Tracy Shadowens and Andy Garate
Project Title: Housing Application Effectiveness PDF File Opens in new window

Department: Educational Leadership 

Project Lead: Nancy Watkins
Project Title: Educational Leadership Writing and Research Skill Development