For general inquiries, please contact:

(657) 278-2593

CP 950-18

Su Swarat







Su Swarat, Ph.D.

Senior Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, Accreditation Liaison Officer
(657) 278-3129


Yessica De La Torre Roman




Yessica De La Torre Roman, Ed.D.

Associate Director, Assessment
(657) 278-2015 


Mike Biesiada







Mike Biesiada, Ph.D.

Research Associate
(657) 278-3133 


Kale Yi







Kale Yi, B.S.

Research Analyst
(657) 278-2071


Gina Park







Gina Park, Ph.D.

Senior Data Strategist
(657) 278-2593


Rachel Robbins






Rachel Robbins

Strategic Initiatives Specialist
(657) 278-4732


Duong Vu
Business Intelligence Analyst
(657) 278-2239



Noha Abdou







Noha Abdou, Ed.D.

Director, Institutional Research
(657) 278-2295 


Afshin Karimi







Afshin Karimi

Senior Research Associate & IR Lead
(657) 278-4512 


Robert Dawson







Robert Dawson, M.A.

Enrollment Planning Specialist
(657) 278-2245 


Kevin Yang







Kevin Yang, M.A.

Research Analyst
(657) 278-3502 


Esperanza Villegas







Esperanza Villegas, M.F.A.

Assessment Analyst
(657) 278-2187 


Kyusang Park







Kyusang Park, Ph.D.

Research Analyst
(657) 278-2585


Adriana Fairow

Adriana Fairow
Administrative Support Coordinator
(657) 278-2166


Jyenny Babcock







Jyenny Babcock, Ed.D.

Former Associate Director,
Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness

Data Buddies

For questions, you may contact the primary analyst who provides service to your unit.

Contacts of Analysts

College/Division/Unit Primary Contact
CBE Kevin Yang
ECS Mike Biesiada
EDU Rohit Murarka
HSS Kale Yi
President's Office Su Swarat
Provost's Office Su Swarat
Academic Affairs Afshin Karimi
HRDI & Faculty Data Mike Biesiada / Kevin Yang
IT Noha Abdou
Student Affairs Rohit Murarka
University Advancement Su Swarat
Chancellor's Office Afshin Karimi / Noha Abdou