Welcome to the Dean of Students 

The Dean of Students Office creates a culture of care for students, their families, faculty and staff by providing exemplary programs and services designed to support students' academic and personal success.

CSUF Cares is a term that signifies this mission.  The welfare and success of our students is our priority.


Make an Appointment

Make An Appointment

Students are welcome to make an appointment to meet with us. The Dean of Students Office staff is here to support you by being your best advocate. 

Concerned about a Student?

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Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit referrals for students in distress or students who display concerning behavior.

Basic Needs

Tuffy's Basic Needs Services

Tuffy’s Basic Needs Services identifies and serves students who are experiencing an unforeseen hardship, emergency, crisis, or catastrophic life event. The resources offered by this comprehensive endeavor are designed to promote wellness and enable students to complete their education at California State University, Fullerton.