Spring 2020 - Counseling 252

Career/Life Planning: Disability Awareness & Advocacy

Section 2: 15479 | Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-5:15 p.m.

GE Certified - Category E (3 Units)

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Here are what students are saying about Counseling 252 | Career/Life Planning:

“This class tackles our ideas about disability and changes how we view disability.”

"This class is a wonderful way to: build self-confidence and learn about transferring out of college and into the working field."

Jacquelyn Gerali, M.S.
Disability Management Specialist, Disability Support Services

Course Description:
Career, personal and educational awareness. Strategies include integrating skills, abilities, interests and values into career search. Decision-making and goal setting.

Oral Communication and English Composition

Space is limited.  This course is open to any student with a disability or students who plan to serve individuals with disabilities in their future careers.

Elements which will be discussed in this course include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual career exploration strategies
  • Mentor/Advocate resources
  • Internship exploration/internship assistance/resources
  • A new perspective on disability for the workplaceCartoon of a boy wearing a thinking cap.
  • Accommodation and disability disclosure strategies
  • History of disability employment efforts
  • Disability employment laws and regulations
  • Employment disincentives
  • Wealth and asset building
  • Soft skills (self marketing strategies)
  • Workplace culture and rules of the road
  • How to document your technical job skills
  • Interviewing strategies and practices
  • Resume preparation
  • Voices of experience (former CSUF DSS students will share about their career development process)

My greatest passion is working with students and I am excited to meet you to discuss your personal, academic and career pursuits! I would love to work with you as you begin to explore, establish, diversify and transcend your career goals.

- Jacquelyn Gerali, Disability Management Specialist

Jacquelyn Gerali, M.S. (Counseling and Guidance) has a background in providing career, group and individual counseling and instruction services to students with disabilities. Jacquelyn has provided counseling and job development services to students with a variety of career aspirations/backgrounds (which include but are not limited to: engineering, computer science, chemistry, biology, marketing, journalism, public relations, administrative, accounting, medical, counseling, psychology, sociology, education, cosmetology, and many more!). For more course information, please contact Jacquelyn Gerali at (657) 278-3112 or jgerali@fullerton.edu.