Accessible Short Document Request

To submit a request for an accessible short document, please visit the link below:


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This page use Google Drive function and may requires a google account to log into the request form. Please note the following:

  • If you receive a "Notice: CSUF Gmail is no longer available. All student email accounts have been migrated to Office 365 Outlook" message, please disregard it. It's an automatically generated system message.
  • If you receive a "You need permission" message, go to and log out before going back to the request form.
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To ensure your requested materials are delivered to you before classes begin, please submit all requests immediately following your registration for classes. Students are provided the early registration date so that DSS has time to prepare the requested materials before the semester begins.

What if I cannot locate my textbook information?

Course instructors do not always identify their course materials early.  If your class textbook information has not been posted on the Titan campus bookstore website, please contact the Accessible Technology Team at    with specific course information including the Course Name, 5-digit Course Number, and Instructor if listed. DSS will assist in locating the textbook information.

DSS will strive to provide students their requested accessible materials as soon as possible once the proof of purchase has been received. DSS cannot ensure course materials will be delivered by the first day of classes if the request is not submitted at least 4 weeks in advance.   

When Will I Receive My Accessible Media Materials?

Below is the general timeline for DSS to fulfill your accessible materials request. Your request may be delivered earlier than listed below, and on rare occasions, may take longer. The Accessible Technology Team will notify you of delays or if there are any questions regarding your requests.


Textbook Request Timeline:

Request Submitted By PDF RTF Kurzweil 3000 MP3 Braille
1-4 Weeks   before   classes begin 2 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks Varies with typeof request:- traditional,- tactile- digital braille/BRF)
1-4 Weeks   after   classes begin 4 weeks 6 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks

*The above dates reflect when you can expect partial fulfillment of your request

**Proof of purchase must be submitted to DSS in order for materials to be provided to student.

***Requests submitted 4 to 6 weeks prior to the end of the current semester may not be fulfilled due to
       the time it takes to process the requests.


Short Document Requests (Syllabi, PowerPoints, Journal articles, Notes, Handouts, etc.)

The delivery time for short document requests will vary depending on the complexity of the document, the number of pages, and the requested format. DSS will attempt to deliver the materials within TEN business days. Some requests may arrive earlier, while others may need additional time or be sent off campus for completion. Course deadlines and syllabus requirements may be discussed to ensure the timely delivery of materials. Requests may be delayed if the Accessible Technology Team is waiting for documents or further clarification from the student or the instructor.   

Braille Requests

The delivery timeline for Braille materials varies with the type of request: traditional, tactile, or digital braille/BRF. Deadlines will be discussed and coordinated between the student and the Accessible Technology Team as requests are submitted.

If you have questions regarding the timeline above, please contact the Accessible Technology Team at   .

Support links:

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