Fall 2023 Newsletter

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New Staff


DSS has been busy with many hiring changes over summer! Here is what we have been up to:

DSS Leadership

  • We said farewell and warm wishes to Lori Palmerton In June, who served as the Director of DSS for the last 6 years! 
  • We are happy to share that Laura Czajkowski will be serving as the Director of DSS! Laura has been at CSUF since September 2022, and was previously in the Associate Director of DSS role.
  • We are also excited to welcome Kamilah Parker Richmond in the Associate Director of Operations role, and Christian Abson in the Associate Director of Student Support role!

In addition to these updates, we have also added additional staff in these positions: 

Disability Management Specialists

  • Chris Bell
  • Jen Schwartz
  • Kayla Pavlinac

Testing Support Specialist

  • Dani Bueno


New Space


DSS is excited to be able to get more space in Langsdorf Hall (LH)! You may notice that some of our staff including our Disability Management Specialists have moved offices and will be working on a hybrid schedule.

No need to worry- you can always send your Specialist an email if you want to meet in-person! You can also find their virtual walk-in hours below.

This move helps to free up more space in Gordon Hall (GH) that we can use for more testing!


Scheduling exams with DSS


What if I miss the deadline to book my exams at least 3 business days before?

DSS may not be able to accommodate you for your exam. You are only ensured your testing accommodations at DSS, so it is very important that you get your exams scheduled with us on time. Any exam accommodation requested less than 3 business days (DSS business days are Monday-Friday) of notification to DSS will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, yet the University may be unable to provide proper exam arrangements.

Your options are:

  1. Send an email to dsstesting@fullerton.edu. Please include the following info in your email: Your name, your CWID, exam date, course, and why you were unable to book your exam on time
  1. Ask your professor(s) to proctor your exam with your testing accommodations during their office hours or at any other available time, if they are able to.
  2. Ask your professor(s) arrange for department staff or a colleague to proctor your exam for you with your accommodations in the department office or a designated location.
  3. Ask your professor(s) for approval to take your exam with DSS on a different day than when the class is taking the exam. DSS must receive approval from your professor(s) to take the exam(s) on a different day, or we will not schedule you. Your professor must email dsstesting@fullerton.edu with the approval.


Why does DSS require at least 3 business days to book exams?

The 3 business days allows DSS time to secure a seat for you, which may require opening an alternate testing room and provide additional staff. This also allows DSS reasonable time for your instructor to be notified and provide the exam to DSS.  

Students that make a request for exam accommodations in less than 3 business days do not provide the University with a timely notice by which to coordinate the service. As a result, any exam accommodation requested less than 3 business days of notification to DSS will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, yet the University may be unable to provide proper exam arrangements.

Are you prepared for your exam with DSS?


Students are responsible for arriving prepared to take their exam with what they will need.

Please make sure you have your pencil, pen, calculator, notes, etc!

DSS sells scantrons and Blue books if you need to purchase one.



Testing Late Policy


If you arrive 1-29 minutes late to an exam with DSS:

The elapsed time will automatically be deducted from your total exam time.

For example, if you arrive 15 min late for your exam, DSS will deduct 15 min from your total exam time. This means that the scheduled end time will remain the same and DSS will not adjust or extend it. You will not get that time back for your exam!


If you arrive more than 30 minutes late to your exam with DSS:

We will require instructor approval for you to begin the exam late.

DSS will only authorize you to start the exam once your instructor has given permission to do so. This also means that the scheduled end time will remain the same and the DSS will not adjust or extend it. You will not get that time back for your exam!

If DSS is unable to reach the instructor to confirm your new start time, we will not begin the exam and request that you reach out to your instructor for next steps.



Have you sent your Course Accommodation Letters (CALs) yet?


CALs notify your faculty of your approved DSS accommodations and must be released each semester


After your CALs have been sent, your faculty will recieve the letter in an email to their CSUF faculty email.

Schedule your Fall 2023 exams now!


Please schedule your exams at least 3 BUSINESS days before the exam! 


We highly advise that you book ALL of your exams at the beginning of the semester for any quizzes, midterms, and/or exams needing in-person DSS proctoring.


For instructions on how to schedule your exams (quizzes, midterms, exams) for the semester, please see more information here: How to schedule your exams with DSS


Disability Management Specialist

Virtual Drop-in Hours


The Disability Management Specialists are available for virtual drop-in hours every day during the Fall 2023 Semester.

Drop-in hours are designated times to answer quick, general DSS questions for students, staff, and faculty.

If you have a specific question or would like to speak with a Disability Management Specialists in more detail, please make an appointment. 

  • Monday: 9-10 am
  • Tuesday: 4-5 pm 
  • Wednesday: 2-3 pm
  • Thursday: 9-10 am, and 1-2 pm
  • Friday: 10-11 am

You can join drop-in hours at the following:


Meeting ID: 852 8816 1715

Returning Student Appointments


Do you know how to schedule an appointment with your Disability Management Specialist?  


If you are already registered with DSS, you can always meet with your Specialist to discuss accommodation requests, new barriers or challenges, study skills workshops, and campus/community resources.


To schedule a Returning Student Appointment- login to TITANable!

Peer Mentors


Are you interested in becoming a mentor? Join the program and become a mentor today!

Peer Mentors have the opportunity to assist students with disabilities and cultivate a supportive community for CSUF DSS students. Mentors encourage campus involvement and utilize the program curriculum to promote academic and student development with their mentees. This program is a volunteer position, and you must meet the applicant requirements:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Sophomore or above standing
  • Aspiration for student involvement and leadership
  • Mentor opportunity open to all students.
  • Have an interest in and be an advocate for social justice, diversity, and inclusion
  • One-semester commitment


If you are interested in applying,  please click the link to access the Peer Mentor volunteer sign-up sheet: https://forms.gle/qrYJE3uRuPh91UZ17

Campus Advocacy and Involvement

Your Story Matters!


Below are interview/research opportunities specifically for students with disabilities to share your experiences:

(These opportunities are not affiliated with DSS)