Notetaking Services


Audio recording

This approved accommodation allows students to record class lectures using their laptop or cell phone. This is a good option if a student utilizes a specific recording app or program that they want to continue using, and allows faculty to know they are approved to audio record in class.



Glean Notetaker is a web-based application that allows students to audio record lectures, convert audio into a transcript, and minimizes distractions for stress-free notetaking. Students can use Glean Notetaker for both virtual and in-person courses. The application is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android users.  

Learn more about Glean Notetaker in this 1-minute demo video. Asking “What is Glean?” watch this video.


Livescribe Smartpens

Livescribe smartpens deliver the traditional benefits of pen and paper combined with the power of digital notes. Livescribe smartpens auto-sync your notes to your favorite cloud services.

The Symphony smartpen captures everything you write on Livescribe paper and stores it in its memory. Captured notes flow to your mobile device via the free Livescribe+ app whenever the pen and the device are paired. The pen is also designed to store information for times when pairing with your mobile device isn’t available. Click here for a Livescribe SmartPen demo video and here to access to the free Livescribe+ app and manual/user guide.


DSS Student Expectations

Notetaking services are supplemental and are not meant to be instructional. DSS students should not use notetaking services as their sole means of study for the course. Class attendance, participation in classroom discussions, course readings, handouts, personal class notes, and discussions with the instructor, constitute essential elements of study for the course.

DSS students receiving notetaking accommodations are expected to use class notes for personal study purposes only, and must not sell, redistribute, copy, or divulge class notes provided as an accommodation. DSS students are expected to keep their contact information current and are expected to monitor their CSUF email regularly for official communications from DSS and the University.

DSS students must communicate with the DSS Assistive Technology Coordinator (DSS ATC), in a timely manner. This includes scheduling appointments for support and training, ahead of time. Same day appointments are not available. To book an appointment, please use this Notetaking Consultation link. 

It is imperative to notify the DSS ATC immediately of any changes in notetaking needs or course enrollment status (e.g. dropping the course, absences, etc.). Promptly inform the DSS ATC and your DSS Specialist if any problems arise with the notetaking services provided. DSS students are asked to provide specific examples and information about any reported problem, after which, DSS will investigate the reported problem and take appropriate steps, if necessary.