Student Guidelines for Notetaking Services

Notetaking services are offered to qualifying DSS students as a reasonable accommodation.  For this accommodation to work effectively, it will require communication between the DSS student and DSS, as well as between the DSS student and the notetaker. Notetakers are recruited from classes in which the DSS student is enrolled.


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The Notetaker’s Role

The role of the notetaker is to provide copies of handwritten or typed class notes that will be uploaded to TITANable for the DSS student needing notetaking accommodations for the course.

DSS screens prospective notetakers to ensure a basic level of competence in notetaking and provides basic guidance to notetakers. DSS students are encouraged to communicate with the DSS Notetaking Coordinator to ensure quality control of the notes provided by the notetaker.

Notetakers are expected to not engage in roles that are unrelated to their notetaking responsibilities.

For example: Notetakers are not considered class tutors. DSS students should not request the notetaker to meet after class to explain concepts, information, or other class material. DSS students should not ask the notetaker to clarify the syllabus, classroom policies, assignments, exam material, or related classroom issues. Instead, the DSS student is advised to consult the instructor for the course.




DSS Student Expectations

Notetaking services are supplemental and are not meant to be instructional.  DSS students should not use notetaking services as their sole means of study for the course. Class attendance, participation in classroom discussions, course readings, handouts, the DSS student’s own class notes, and discussions with the instructor, constitute essential elements of study for the course.

  • DSS students receiving notetaking services are expected to use class notes provided by the notetaker for personal study purposes only, and must not sell, redistribute, copy, or divulge class notes provided as an accommodation.
  • DSS students are expected to keep their contact information current and are expected to monitor their CSUF email regularly for official communications from DSS and the university.
  • DSS students must communicate with the DSS Notetaking Coordinator, as requested, in a timely manner. This includes being available to meet in-person, when needed.
  • It is imperative to notify the DSS Notetaking Coordinator immediately if any changes in the need for notetaking services or course enrollment status (e.g. dropping the course, absences, etc.).

Promptly inform the DSS Notetaking Coordinator if any problems arise with the notetaking services provided. DSS students are asked to provide specific examples and information about any reported problem, after which, DSS will investigate the reported problem and take appropriate steps, if necessary.




Class Attendance Requirements

DSS students who have notetaking services as an accommodation are required to attend class to receive notes. Class notes are supplemental in nature and do not replace actual class attendance. Notetakers may not be obligated to provide notes from classes that the DSS student missed, unless approved by the DSS student’s DSS counselor, or if prior arrangements have been made between the DSS student and the notetaker.

DSS students who miss three or more classes without having made arrangements with the notetaker and/or notified the DSS Notetaking Coordinator may have notetaking services suspended until they contact the DSS Notetaking Coordinator to discuss their situation.

Likewise, DSS students are expected to arrive to class on time. Excessive tardiness may result in suspension of notetaking services, except when advance notice has been given.





DSS students who have concerns about a notetaker in one of their classes should contact the DSS Notetaking Coordinator at (657) 278-5486 or immediately. DSS staff members will determine the appropriate course of action based on information gathered and discussions with the DSS student, the instructor, and the notetaker.