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Office of Disability Support Services

Gordon Hall Room 101


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David R. Guzmán

Exam Proctoring Program Coordinator

Email:   dsstesting@fullerton.edu

Phone: (657) 278-3112

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm



Office of Disability Support Services

Irvine Center Room 148


Contact Information

Patricia Oh

Student Accomm. Support Specialist

Email:   irvinedss@fullerton.edu

Phone: (657) 278-1631

Hours: Monday - Thursday: 10am - 7pm

Friday: 8am - 5pm



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Faculty Responsibilities

  • Prior to scheduling exams and quizzes, students are required to send Letters of Accommodation (LOA) to instructors at the start of each semester/term, or soon after the student meets with a DSS specialiast for their first appointment to identify accommodations.
  • Faculty must acknowledge online the Letter of Accommodation for each student scheduling appointments to take exams or quizzes at the DSS office.
  • Please note, not all testing accommodations listed on a student’s LOA may apply to online exams, classroom exams or take-home exams, depending on the parameters and conditions of the exam.  For specific questions or concerns, please contact the DSS office to inquire with the student’s DSS specialist.  
  • Instructors are not responsible for scheduling exams or quizzes for students, with the exception of ‘pop’ quizzes (see below for procedures). It is the student’s responsibility to schedule exams and quizzes to be proctored at the DSS office.
  • Stuents are strongly encouraged to schedule regular test and quiz appointments on TITANable during the first two weeks of the semester, but no later than 72 hours prior in order to ensure priority seating.  Requests without 72 hours' notice will be subject to the earliest DSS availability with instructor approval.
  • For Final Exams Week, students are highly encouraged to schedule all final exam week appointments on TITANable by the announced priority scheduling date for Final Exams Week (typically 4-5 weeks prior to Final Exams Week).
  • Faculty will receive a notification email to their campus email notifying them that a student has scheduled a testing appointment for an exam or quiz, and that they are required to log onto TITANable to confirm the conditions of the exam or quiz and securely upload it for DSS to access and adminster.
  • To confirm exam information and securely upload exams and quizzes, instructors must log onto TITANable at fullerton.edu/dss/titanable/instructor.php in order for DSS to finalize and secure students’ testing appointments.
  • For online exams/quizzes on Titanium that are timed, faculty are responsible to set an override and extend students' time for those who have extended time as a testing accommodation.  If faculty are unaware on how to extend time on Titanium, they may access instructions below in the next section. 
  • Instructors may upload exams and quizzes onto TITANable at any time before the student’s scheduled start time, preferably the day before.
  • For students who require exam and quizzes converted into an accessible format, professors are strongly encouraged to upload the exam or quiz 2-3 business days in advance in order to allow time to make the necessary conversion.
  • For any exams or quizzes that will require students to use any specialized equipment or classroom software/program, faculty must contact DSS in a timely manner with instructions on how to acquire the software/program and to allow sufficient time to have the software/program installed for students’ testing appointments.
  • DSS encourages faculty to upload exams, quizzes and necessary testing materials onto TITANable, which is password encrypted and secured with limited access. However, faculty have the added option of hand delivering exams and quizzes in person to Gordon Hall 101 (GH-101) or have students pick up and walk it over to DSS in a sealed envelope.
  • Completed exams and quizzes are returned by DSS appointed couriers within 72 hours to department offices or the indicated delivery locaton in a sealed envelope.
  • Exams and quizzes that are indicated ‘Professor Pickup’ will be available for pick up in sealed envelopes in GH-101 up to 72 hours. After 72 hours, envelopes will then be delivered to the instructor’s department mailbox.
  • Delivery will be confirmed by the printed name of a department associate who will ensure that the envelope will be forwarded to the instructor in a timely manner. A record will be made of the receiver and the date/time the envelope was delivered.


How to Extend time for online Exams on Titanium

Below are directions to extend the exam time on Titanium for ONE or more than one student enrolled in your course on Titanium.

  1. Click the quiz/exam link of your exam
  2. In the 'Settings' block, click 'User overrides'
  3. Click 'Add user override'
  4. Select the name of the student
  5. Check the enable box for 'Time Limit'
  6. Enter the number of minutes, (e.g. 90 minutes for a 1 hour 30 minute exam).  If the time allotted is in hours, use the dropdown menu to change minutes to hours, then enter the number, for example - 2 hours.
  7. Click 'Save'

Tip: User overrides can also be used to change the test-taking window for a given student. 

Exam Time Calculator

Use the exam time chart and calculator Excel file to help you calculate your student's approved ADA extended time accommodation. 

Download the Exam Time Chart and Calculator


Pop Quiz Procedures

DSS advises and encourages faculty to make their own arrangements to administer pop quizzes with accommodations for students in the classroom or in their office, whenever possible, so that students do not miss any portions of the class lecture.

However, DSS is able to facilitate accommodations for students who will have ‘pop’ quizzes or any type of ‘unannounced testing’ for their classes, with the condition that instructors make arrangements with DSS in advance.

How to make ‘pop’ quiz arrangements:  

  1. If specific dates have been pre-identified for each ‘pop’ quiz, the faculty is welcomed to communicate to DSS, all of the quiz dates in advance in an email. They have the option of attaching all the ‘pop’ quizzes onto the email or sending each ‘pop’ quiz separately with minimum of 24 hours in advance before the ‘pop’ quiz is to be proctored at DSS for the student. 
  1. OR if the faculty has not pre-selected dates for each ‘pop’ quizzes, they are then encouraged to notify DSS, at the very minimum of 24 hours in advance before the day’s ‘pop’ quiz takes place in the classroom, in order to allow sufficient prep time. The faculty will need to attach the ‘pop’ quiz onto the notification email.

When emailing the ‘pop’ quiz to DSS, faculty must communicate the time the student(s) will arrive to take the quiz at DSS, how long students in the class will have for each quiz, whether students are allowed any authorized tools/materials (i.e. Calculator, Open Book, Notes, Dictionary, etc.), and how they would like the completed quiz returned back to them.

If the DSS student requires their testing materials in an accessible format, the faculty is then required to email the ‘pop’ quiz well in advance in order to convert it into the appropriate format for the student.

Lastly, it is the faculty’s responsibility to communicate to students that their ‘pop’ quiz has been arranged and is waiting for them at the DSS office.  Faculty can notify students either in the form of an email or mobile text message prior to the start of class or directing them over to DSS at the beginning/end of the class period, depending on when the faculty administers the ‘pop’ quiz in the classroom.

Students who are unable to arrive to DSS to take their ‘pop’ quiz may reschedule their quiz at the discretion of the instructor and on DSS availability.  If there is a disability-related reason for having missed the ‘pop’ quiz, documentation from a licensed provider will be required in order to fulfill the request.



In an effort to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and security of each exam and quiz, DSS abides by the following proctoring procedures:

  1. All DSS administered exams and quizzes are proctored/video monitored, unless otherwise authorized by the instructor.
  2. DSS calculates testing times for students generally according to the full class period, unless otherwise clearly confirmed on TITANableor communicated by the instructor.
  3. In general, DSS students take exams and quizzes at the same time as the rest of the class, unless there are scheduling conflicts, in which case, an alternate testing time is requested and scheduled with the approval of the instructor.
  4. DSS staff and student assistants proctoring exams only read and/or transcribe testing materials.  They do not interpret, modify, or clarify the questions or responses to testing materials for students.
  5. Any changes or additions regarding authorized materials (i.e. calculator, notes, open book, etc.) to be utilized during an exam or quiz will not be made or allowed unless notification from the instructor has been received in the form of an email, phone call or in-person verbal exchange.
  6. Students who have questions or concerns about their exam while testing at DSS must communicate them to DSS personnel as soon as possible in order to address them in a timely manner.  DSS personnel will provide students support by either walking students to their classroom to ask their instructor questions or contacting the instructor on their behalf via email or phone.
  7. Students caught or suspected of any form of academic dishonesty or misconduct during their DSS-proctored exam or quiz, will have his or her test and testing materials confiscated immediately.  A detailed Student Conduct Referral Reportwill be submitted to the Dean of Students office outlining the specific events of the incident(s) and the student's instructor, DSS counselor and the DSS Director will be notified.
  8. All cell phones, smart watches and any other unauthorized electronics or materials are strictly prohibited at all times in the testing rooms, unless explicitly allowed by the instructor and communicated to DSS.
  9. All students’ personal belongings are to be stored in a locker or area designated by DSS.  The office staff and proctors are not responsible for belongings or technology stored in the department while students are taking exams or quizzes.
  10. No food or drinks may be taken into the testing rooms, with the exception of bottled water, unless it has been identified as an accommodation.
  11. Aside from exam materials and writing implements, only items identified as an accomodation or items authorized on TITANable by the instructor will be allowed into the testing rooms.
  12. All testing rooms and areas are equipped with clocks for students to monitor their testing time independently.  If possible, DSS staff and proctors will provide 5-15 minute warnings, but this cannot be guaranteed.



Requests for students to reschedule a missed testing appointment with DSS will only be made due to:

1) a university-related scheduling conflict   OR

2) an unforeseen, disability-related reason pertaining to the student's verified disability, impeding them from taking the exam at DSS on the scheduled date.

Examples of university-related, scheduling conflicts include, but are not limited to: conflicts with other courses/course-related meetings OR if the course instructor has rescheduled the exam for the entire class.  Direct notification from the instructor of the class date change will be required in order to change the scheduled date for a student's testing appointment at DSS.

For unforeseen, disability-related reasons, students will be required to submit emergency documentation to their DSS specialist explaining the reason for their missed appointment with DSS and the need to reschedule it.  Students must send their emergency documentation to   dsspecialists@fullerton.edu and CC'   dsstesting@fullerton.edu.  The DSS specialist will review the emergency documentation and will authorize or deny the rescheduling of the testing appointment at the DSS office.  After the reschedule has been approved by the specialist, additional approval from the course instructor will be required per the classroom makeup policy, if applicable, to fulfill the reschedule request.

For all other personal situations and non disabilility-related reasons, students are invited to make separate arrangements with the instructor outside of DSS to have the exam or quiz proctored in an alternate location and time.




Students are expected to arrive to the DSS office on time and begin their exam or quiz as scheduled.  As a courtesy, students are sent a reminder email the day prior to their testing appointment. 

If the student arrives late to DSS or arrives early but delays themselves from starting at the scheduled start time, the elapsed time will automatically be deducted from the student’s total time allowed.  This means that the scheduled end time will remain the same and will not be adjusted or extended.

Students who arrive significantly late or more to for an exam or quiz may be not be allowed to start and may be required to contact their instructor in order to receive approval to start late.  DSS will only administer the exam or quiz once the instructor has contacted and allowed DSS to do so.



Due to DSS’s duty to uphold academic integrity during test proctoring, all test-taking activities are monitored at all times.  Testing areas within DSS are equipped with video surveillance cameras and computer monitoring software.  All other testing areas are staffed with at least one proctor monitoring students at all times. 

Any incidents of academic dishonesty or student misconduct will be reported in the form of a Student Conduct Referral Report to the Dean of Students office and may result in disciplinary actions or sanctions as described in the Academic Dishonesty Policy (UPS.300.021) & Student Conduct Procedures (Executive Order 1098). 


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