How to apply to DSS

Are you looking to apply for accommodations or services with DSS?


Please follow the steps below:


1. Complete the Application for Academic Accommodations

Please complete the application which can be found here: DSS Application for Academic Accommodations. You will be prompted to log-in with your CSUF username and password.


2. Submit Documentation

Documentation is encouraged, but not always required. *For observable/visible disabilities, documentation may not be required.

You can provide documentation in one of the following ways:

  • Upload as a part of your application
  • Email to
  • Fax to (657) 278-2408
  • Drop off in-person at Gordon Hall 101

Documentation may include:

  • Psychoeducational Report or Learning Disability assessment conducted by a certified professional. (preferably within the last 5 years).
  • Disability documentation from a licensed medical provider that identifies your diagnosis, duration and functional limitations or have your medical provider complete the Disability Verification FormPDF File
  • An IEP or 504 plan may be submitted for review. However, it may not have all of the information needed to provide services.


3. Attend your New Student Appointment

During your New Student Appointment, your Disability Management Specialist will discuss any barriers you may experience in the educational environment and accommodations to provide equal access.

Once accommodations are determined, you will be instructed on how to activate your accommodations each semester through the DSS online portal Titanable, learn about resources and referrals.

Keep in contact with your Disability Management Specialist, and discuss any challenges or concerns that you may have.

**Please be aware that DSS does not provide academic advising assistance. For more information about academic advising, please visit Academic Advising  and the Undeclared and Academic Advising Center for help.

TEMPORARY Disability

If you have a temporary disability with a duration of less than 6 months, DSS may be able to assist you. It is most important however, for you to connect with your instructor.

DSS is available to discuss additional options and to verify disability information for the instructor as necessary.

If you were already registered with DSS with a different disability, there is no need to re-register again. We ask that you do not complete the registration form again. Please reach out to your Disability Managment Specialist directly.

There are no personalized transportation services available from DSS or elsewhere on campus for lower mobility injuries.   


Graduate students

If you were already registered with DSS as an undergraduate student while at CSUF, there is no need to re-register as a graduate student. We ask that you do not complete the registration form again.

Please reach out to your Disability Managment Specialist directly or email if you do not remember who you worked with.