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"Where Learning Is Preeminent…" 

   Learning is preeminent at California State University Fullerton. We aspire to combine the best qualities of teaching and research universities where actively engaged students, faculty, and staff work in close collaboration to expand knowledge.

   Our affordable undergraduate and graduate programs provide students the best of current practice, theory, and research and integrate professional studies with preparation in the arts and sciences. Through experiences in and out of the classroom, students develop the habit of intellectual inquiry, prepare for challenging professions, strengthen relationships to their communities, and contribute productively to society.

   We are a comprehensive, regional university with a global outlook, located in Orange County, a technologically rich and culturally vibrant area of metropolitan Los Angeles. Our expertise and diversity serve as a distinctive resource and catalyst for partnerships with public and private organizations. We strive to be a center of activity essential to the intellectual, cultural, and economic development of our region.

Student Affairs

   Student Affairs enhances and supports the academic mission of the University. The Student Affairs mission encompasses the dual paradigms of student development and student services, and includes building alliances between the classroom and other aspects of campus life. As a partner in the educational enterprise, Student Affairs contributes to the comprehensive educational experience of students. Through myriad services, programs, and activities, the intellectual, vocational, personal, social, and cultural development of all students is encouraged. Through these programs and services, students are assisted in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and insights that facilitate life-long learning, a sense of personal and interpersonal competence, and human understanding.

   As a resource for students, administration, faculty, staff, alumni, and the broader community, Student Affairs provides a wide variety of university services. These services meet the needs of students as they progress through their college experience and also include problem solving, research assistance and consultation. With a diverse and comprehensive set of responsibilities, Student Affairs contributes to the campus community a special perspective about students, their experiences, and the campus environment.

Disability Support Services

   The mission of the Office of Disability Support Services at California State University, Fullerton is to increase access and retention for students with permanent and temporary disabilities by ensuring equitable treatment in all aspects of campus life. The program acts as a catalyst and agent for compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations mandating equal opportunity and access for persons with disabilities. Disability Support Services provides co-curricular and academically related services that empower students with disabilities to achieve academic and personal self-determination.

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